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File: Essential Housing Tools04/04/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: An Idea
Posted By: omnido
Just by having Essential Housing Tools installed and being online, fellow guild members will receive your "Share with Guild" data automatically. I was able to achieve this by sending the data via your Guild Member Note. Hey Cardi, for some of us who use the maximum amount (or close to it) number of permitted characters in our Guild...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/05/19
Daaaaamn, Cardi! I update to 11.2....
Posted By: omnido
Daaaaamn, Cardi! I update to 11.2.0 before work, all excited for customizable portals later, only to get home and find 11.3.0 is out?!? ..with even MOAR customizable FX?!?!? You are the bee's knees <3 I second this endorsement.
File: Essential Housing Tools12/26/18
Follow-up: Texture Clipping?
Posted By: omnido
In the end, it wouldn't matter too much -- the original homeowner can always re-send their FX data to fix the situation if that were to happen; but I just want to make sure that I think it through first ;) TL;DR version: Yes, it'll be added & I L Y for your suggestions! <3 Awesome sauce man. One other thing I've noticed latel...
File: Essential Housing Tools12/23/18
Data Share Option?
Posted By: omnido
Hey Cardinal, nice work as usual! I had one more question/suggestion: Would it be possible to permit peer-to-peer sharing for EHT FX between players who have already obtained it? Example: Player 1 visits Player 2's home, and Player 2's FX data is saved. Player 2 then logs off, and Player 3 visits. Player 1 then shares P...
File: Essential Housing Tools12/10/18
FX Saved Data
Posted By: omnido
Hey Cardinal (Your recent work since the last time I checked in has become most excellent and quite riddikulus! I hope you continue with the /awesome :D) here's my list of Q's regarding your recent addition of the FX Beta stuffs: Is there any way to share the Shared FX Data with others without them being grouped? (Say, via an e...
File: No, Thank You! - Morrowind05/22/18
Posted By: omnido
Can we expect an update for Summerset soon?:confused:
File: Essential Housing Tools05/12/18
Re: Re: Feature request - allow rotate in drag-n-drop mode.
Posted By: omnido
As for Pitch and Roll -- which add-on were you using that can Pitch/Roll an entire selection of items? I'd like to check it out to see their calculations for those operations as I ran into some snags when combining multiple rotation axes into the picture that I felt would be too confusing for many users. Cardinal, FurnitureGrouper...
File: Essential Housing Tools05/04/18
Re: Window Behavior
Posted By: omnido
Omni - thank you! I hadn't even noticed that -- 2.1.3 is up now, which fixes this issue (it was not intended :-P) Hey cardinal, After updating to 2.1.3, that bugger window still pops up. >_< I dont suppose it could have a function call somewhere thats being triggered by another addon?:confused: Also, another thing of note:...
File: Essential Housing Tools05/03/18
Window Behavior
Posted By: omnido
Hey Cardinal, The EHT window is a stubborn fellow, and is always automatically appearing every time I login to my Character if Im already in a home. I was unable to locate a setting for this behavior, so I presume its either: A) Automatic with the 2.1.1 version or B) A variable is "stuck" somewhere. Any suggestions?
File: Essential Housing Tools04/07/18
This is true; however, neither of t...
Posted By: omnido
This is true; however, neither of those add-ons (as far as I know?) place items from your saved selection(s) -- such as copying and pasting a group of items from your inventory. Where this add-on gets tripped up is on that type of functionality. So, if you were to Copy a selection in one home with a Collectible, and then try to Pas...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/06/18
Thank you so much for letting me kn...
Posted By: omnido
Thank you so much for letting me know! Sadly, this is intended. The message is actually being presented from my add-on. The reason for this is that, as it stands today, any time I call the game's API to work with a collectible furnishing, the game hard crashes from a page fault. Once this is addressed by ZeniMax, I will enable th...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/06/18
Small Bug/Unintended Feature Update...
Posted By: omnido
Small Bug/Unintended Feature Update: The addon returns an error when attempting to move Collectibles: "API does not correctly support collectibles." :( Not sure if you were aware of this, or if its anything that can be fix'd, just thought to let you know.
File: Essential Housing Tools03/31/18
Lol -- Thank you kindly! And yes,...
Posted By: omnido
Lol -- Thank you kindly! And yes, please bring on the feedback! I value your thoughts/suggestions/etc. on all of this! First impressions/suggestions after testing: Moving "grouped" items requires the UI buttons only. - Would it be possible to simply move one of the items in the group, and then have all additional items re-ad...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/31/18
I know I keep saying this, but You,...
Posted By: omnido
I know I keep saying this, but You, Sir, are the Steely-Eyed Missile-Man! :D I look forward to testing and providing feedback.
File: Immaculate Construction03/22/18
I certainly dont mind. Using this...
Posted By: omnido
I certainly dont mind. Using this addon, I was able to create a rather large spiral that allowed me to build a multi-level cave, and make it appear as though it was literally chiseled out of the rock. https://i.imgur.com/EeylGVZ.png Your efforts, Mr. Steely-eyed missile man, are much appreciated. :)
File: Scaffold03/14/18
Do you think it would be possible t...
Posted By: omnido
Do you think it would be possible to modify this addon to work with other objects besides the planks? Maybe have a "selection" method that allows you to choose your chosen material? I have a thing for Argonian Lattices because they tend to be visually less obtrusive.
File: Furniture Snap03/14/18
This is outstanding work man. All...
Posted By: omnido
This is outstanding work man. All you need now is an addon that lets you save, orientate, and move furniture as a group (heck, even save/load templates for said groups) and you'll have every home-owners dream toolkit. :D
File: SaveHouse10/22/17
Re: Re: Export Saved Furniture Coordinates Feature?
Posted By: omnido
If it's only a one-time thing you could edit RequestPlaceFurniture in LibSaveHouse.lua to add these 10,000 units. Just add a line z = z + 10000 after local x, y, z = furniture:GetCoordinates(). I attempted that, but upon attempting to load the furniture it threw the very correct error: "Need to be inside Barbed Hook Private Room to...
File: SaveHouse10/21/17
Export Saved Furniture Coordinates Feature?
Posted By: omnido
Sirinsidiator, Thank you for your work with this addon. :) I am looking to transfer a saved furniture layout from one home to the next. For example: Save the furniture layout of Barbed Hook Private Room, and then load it into Cliffshade. Since Cliffshade has a section that is identical in floor plan layout to Barbed Hook, th...
File: Port to Friend's House08/28/17
Just wanted to say, I love this add...
Posted By: omnido
Just wanted to say, I love this addon and your work is awesome! That said, I noticed strange behavior today. When attempting to add a favorite to the list, it does not input the name added and instead lists your own account name saved instead. https://u49812711.dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49812711/ESO/ptf_error_01.png This occu...