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File: Cleaner HUD02/19/20
Will this be updated after the 24th of Feb?
Posted By: Anumaril
As many of us know, after the 24th there will be a major update that will require us all to redownload the entire game. This update is expected to change some fundamental bits of code that many addons depend on. Wonderful (and I would dare to say essential) addons like this one very well might not work anymore. They worked off of co...
File: xTG_Immersive_Interface11/18/19
Love the Idea of the Addon; A Suggestion
Posted By: Anumaril
This looks to be a great addon, and just what I was looking for to increase immersion in ESO. It seems to me that what you are going for with this addon is similar to what the game 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' has in their game. They have an overlay that is applied to greater degree the lower your stamina is: https://www.nexusmods...
File: Healers Group Frame11/05/19
Stop 'Healers Group Frame' From Working in Small Groups
Posted By: Anumaril
Does anyone know a way to make this addon not work when in small groups? It's perfect when in large groups but I never had a problem with the small group UI (dungeon-sized) and especially found the role symbols to be very handy. Is there a file I can tweak in the addon's folder to stop it from working in small groups?
File: CyroChat11/04/19
So far I'm liking this addon but af...
Posted By: Anumaril
So far I'm liking this addon but after using it in Cyro I had a suggestion. When the "Use with CyrHUD" option is enabled CyroChat should recognise such things as "inc reds Ash" and place the respective battleground banner next to the icon on CyrHUD. I've noticed a few times that CyroChat did not seem to recognise the word "inc" as...
File: NTak Dialog07/18/19
New Update for 'Remove All Text (Listen!)
Posted By: Anumaril
The new update to 'Remove All Text (Listen!) works perfectly for me! I love using this setting to immerse myself in the world and with the new update it just completes the package, now I can read notes and bulletin boards. This is by far the best dialogue addon available for ESO and one of the best addons available period. Thanks fo...
File: PinKiller02/14/19
Secondary Pins Still Active
Posted By: Anumaril
For a while now the secondary pins on the compass still show, even if the settings on the addon for them are all set to OFF, not even the in-game setting for changing the display of active quests will get rid of them.
File: Idle Animations01/28/19
Animations with Unsheathed Weapons
Posted By: Anumaril
Could there be a toggle option in the settings that allows you to choose if the animations show when you have an unsheathed weapon or not? Personally I would prefer it if they did not trigger. If my character has a weapon drawn it is because danger is near and they are prepared for whatever comes, it would be an odd time for them to...
File: DarkUI12/24/18
Grey Bars
Posted By: Anumaril
I logged on today and noticed that my magicka, health, and stamina bars are all grey. To my knowledge I have not changed any of the settings since yesterday. Was there an update that messed things up with DarkUI or have I done something wrong at some point? Thanks in advance.
File: Votan's Darker Nights09/02/18
Addon Does Not Work Anymore?
Posted By: Anumaril
I loved this addon but now I'm having trouble with it. Whenever I log on and go to my addon list in-game both the 'Votan's Addon List' and 'Votan's Darker Nights' has "Dependency" written right next to them. For the live of me I can't figure out what other addon they need to work since they don't actually tell you when you click on t...