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File: Unknown Tracker (Stylepages/Motifs/Recipes/Furnishings/Runeboxes)03/08/20
Re: A way to see all recipes in the game
Posted By: jurinbay
Im sorry, Im not particularly tech savvy so this might be a dumb question. Could find a ReadMe file with instructions, or clear instructions on the AddOn page. Is there a way to see a list of all recipes/designs/etc in the game and scroll though which ones I know and which ones I dont? I do have the addon working properly and...
File: ESO Master Recipe List02/26/20
Furnishing list wont load
Posted By: jurinbay
user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/MasterRecipeList.lua:2430: operator .. is not supported for nil .. string stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/MasterRecipeList.lua:2430: in function 'NavigateScrollList' user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/MasterRecipeList.lua:4898: in function 'ESOMRL.XMLNavigation' user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeLis...