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File: MiniMap by Fyrakin05/27/20
I think I solved the problem with t...
Posted By: Sheen
I think I solved the problem with the addon. There have been a change in the API for the ZO_MapPin:New() function, that now takes a parameter. You need to change the following line in the MiniMap.lua file, at the line 3518: from this: pin.mpin = ZO_MapPin:New() to this: pin.mpin = ZO_MapPin:New(ZO_WorldMapContainer)...
File: Roomba - Guildbank Stacker05/27/20
Re: feature request: extend roomba for a guild bank mover ?
Posted By: Sheen
hi, its very nerving when need to push / pull lots of items from/to guild bank having all the time the "wait for .." notification. is it possible to extend rooba dooing this ? means selecting bunch of items an then say push / pull and let roomba doing the queing while i can grep me a coffee ? ;-) kind regards Thanks silve...