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File: RP Profile Viewer09/01/22
Re: Re: Characters
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The current character is an API function which provides the name and unique ID and I bet it will be saved to the SavedVariables of this addon. The external client file can read those then and upload the data to the website or download data from the website. But the external exe files is the one that syncs the data as ESO itsself cann...
File: RP Profile Viewer05/17/21
Re: Help needed
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So I suppose usernames are case sensitive cause I used a capital letter for my username forgetting that I dont have one. Is there a way to delete or edit my account cause I think thats why im not seeing my profile pop up despite having the monitor running and updating it. Can you inquire on the Discord please? It will be easier t...
File: RP Profile Viewer05/03/21
Re: Good addon but minor annoyances!
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Will just say that something like this is *looong* overdue for ESO, and I thank you a lot for making it! However, many RP groups in ESO don't use DnD styled systems, and whilst I understand the need for balance around said system, I wanted to make a suggestion that could make this addon more beneficial for others! Perhaps add an op...
File: RP Profile Viewer03/20/21
Re: Language flag
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Hey! That's a very good job! So good to see someone made a job I never finished. Your addon and website are very clean and easy to use. Bravo! It would be very great to add a tag for the player's language(s), in order to people be able to find in-game other players who writting the same language(s). Kind regards, Connor...
File: [Obsolete] Rollplay Integration12/31/20
Hi...there is no link to discord on...
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Hi...there is no link to discord on addon's page in ESOUI. You did mention it, but no link to join the server The Discord link is on the Rollplay website. Sorry for the confusion, I'll edit the other post too.
File: [Obsolete] Rollplay Integration12/29/20
If I understood right, I can only a...
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If I understood right, I can only access "Play" screen if someone first open a session as GM or I have to start a session as GM right? Yes, that is correct. It's not supposed to sit on the spinner forever, though. Another issue happened. When I select a existent char and click to Edit, I goes to infinity loading screen....
File: [Obsolete] Rollplay Integration12/29/20
Hi. I was trying to use the addon....
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Hi. I was trying to use the addon. I loged in, create a char profile, access the dashboard and click to play Hello! For starters, pressing 'Play' is part of using the dice rolling system, which you don't need to do if you just plan to use it for character profiles. The rolling system will only work if a Game Master has started...