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File: Auto Handle Shared Quests11/01/15
LUA Errors
Posted By: Ulithium_Dragon
I seem to be getting LUA errors pertaining to this mod. Next time I see them I will write them down so I can report them properly...
File: Lens Flare Toggle10/26/15
Thank You!
Posted By: Ulithium_Dragon
I really appreciate this - I HATE, HATE, HAAATE lense flares! I mean, what kind of person thinks this looks good? Probably the ones who started at the sun so long they forgot what it looked like lmfao. Seriously, thanks - a couple commands and I could forget all about their HORRIBLE design choice! n.nU
File: No, thank you!10/21/15
Feature Request
Posted By: Ulithium_Dragon
Could you add options to auto decline group, guild, and friend invites? I can't seem to find an addon that does that, and the game seems to lack such settings... Also maybe trade requests as well.