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File: Inventory Grid View10/31/19
If you move the consumable or the r...
Posted By: bzz86
If you move the consumable or the reward container to junk and then try to use it by right click->use, it works. You can do this while waiting for the update. It worked.... once... it does not anymore ;-) I just turned it off till get fixed, I do miss it though ! :-)
File: Votan's Search Box05/03/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Search Icon / Search Bar Still Sporked for Me
Posted By: bzz86
With pleasure! Thanks! ... addon list snip ... I also had this issue that you're having. I went through and, one by one, I disabled all my addons aside from the search box. That one that seemed to solve the issue was Tamriel Trade Centre. Which is a bit of a blow, because I use that quite often. Don't know if this helps narrow...
File: Farming Party04/02/19
Addon no longer shows
Posted By: bzz86
Updated today. Addon no longer shows in the addon list in the game. Minion sees it normally and it is still in the folder where it should be.
File: Farming Party04/01/19
Chat off
Posted By: bzz86
Is there a way to change the size of the loot window so it displays more than 4 items at the time and turn the loot in chat window off? Sorry if this was already asked or its simple to find and I am just stupid ;)