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File: Lost Treasure09/01/19
X not showing up for maps for Orsinium?
Posted By: Jessicaksch
I already find it strange they aren't called "wrothgar" maps but I got a few for Orsinium that show up all over Wrothgar. However, no X is shown on the map, I checked filters and removed all other addons and still doesn't work for Orsinium maps.
File: LoreBooks07/17/19
Is there a way to share Eidit Memory across characters?
Posted By: Jessicaksch
Hello! Great addon! I was wondering if there is a possibility that in the future maybe, the Eidit Memory at least can be shared across characters? It's just that I have a main character who I do quests with and RP a "bookworm" but don't want to complete all those quests etc all over again just to gather the files :( Thank you!