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File: Daily Alchemy01/23/19
Hey Marify, I am sorry for the t...
Posted By: Marify
Hey Marify, I am sorry for the trouble. With alt I meant alternative character: ;) The issue I have: My potions are automatically created for my main character (the one I have all my clothing etc at 50), but on all my other characters, the addon simply does nothing. Is that an issue that is only on my end? Is there an op...
File: Daily Alchemy01/22/19
It works fine with my main crafter,...
Posted By: Marify
It works fine with my main crafter, but it is not crafting the writ items on my alts. Is there an option? Hi! :) Because English is not my mother tongue, I did not understand the meaning of on my alts ]. :( Sorry to trouble you, but would you explain it with another phrase?
File: Daily Alchemy01/21/19
Re: Re: Re: Something is not right...
Posted By: Marify
Yes. Blue Entoloma and Lorkhan's Tears are both marked with FCOItemSaver's Lock Icon. Hi! :) Do not use locked items(default ON)] was added to the add-on setting. Please turn this off.
File: Daily Alchemy01/19/19
"Panacea of" recipes are unrecogniz...
Posted By: Marify
"Panacea of" recipes are unrecognized by this addon. Can we update that please? We will begin the investigation. Sorry for trouble you, but wait a while.
File: Daily Alchemy01/19/19
Have you thought about doing a "Dai...
Posted By: Marify
Have you thought about doing a "Daily Enchanting" addon? There is an ability to do that with the lazy crafter addon but it doesn't mark them like your addons do. If I'm doing 20 or more enchanting master writs I have to be careful that I dont tell it to craft the same one twice. Everyone, I am sorry that the reply was delayed....
File: Daily Alchemy01/18/19
Re: Something is not right...
Posted By: Marify
See: https://www.screencast.com/t/Q6RcWCNo9 Everyone, I am sorry that the reply was delayed.:( Have you locked that mushroom with ItemSaver add-ons etc.?
File: Confirm Master Writ12/15/18
New year writs from event bad ar...
Posted By: Marify
New year writs from event bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table/struct expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'unpack' user:/AddOns/ConfirmMasterWrit/ConfirmMasterWrit.lua:1358: in function 'ConfirmMasterWrit:GetCraftingTypeByIcon' user:/AddOns/ConfirmMasterWrit/ConfirmMasterWrit.lua:244: in function 'ConfirmMasterWrit...
File: Daily Alchemy12/05/18
Re: Do I need to have all ingredients traits discovered?
Posted By: Marify
Do I need to have every ingredient trait discovered???? If I do then that's pretty useless....... Hi! :) Sorry to trouble you. Can you send the save data including the debug log in the following procedure? 1. Debug log On. https://i.imgur.com/4mX1VdL.png 2. Access to Alchemy Station. 3. Exit Game 4. Paste files...
File: Daily Provisioning11/26/18
Re: Found a Bug when you accept the daily writ
Posted By: Marify
So this bug might be an edge case but below are the steps to reproduce My guess is that it checks if i have a writ, i do but i dont know that recipe and since im crafting something else it still acts as if im doing the writ, but im not. The addon outputs: Recipe is unknown. No items were crafted The error message throws o...
File: Daily Alchemy11/12/18
Re: RE: Daily Alchemy, Daily Provisioning, and Writ Worthy
Posted By: Marify
Sorry, I overlooked that is an add-on name.:( When install and , items in are not created correctly. I understood that it was a problem. If so, can not see the cause by looking at the execution log... First of all, I will install on my PC and I will investigate. Sorry to trouble you, but please wait for a while.:(
File: Daily Alchemy11/11/18
Re: HEADS UP: Daly Alchemy, Daily Provisioning, & Writ Worthy
Posted By: Marify
Hi! :) The character did not have a daily Alchemy Writ pending, nor an accepted Master Alchemy Writ pending. I want to confirm, Does it match in the following meaning? (Because English is not native:() (in Journal) not have not have ... have it or not? (in Backpack) have (accessing craft table) Made a...
File: Daily Alchemy11/08/18
Cheers. Btw now that I messed up...
Posted By: Marify
Cheers. Btw now that I messed up with priorities I noticed that if your character doesn't know the charestarictics of some reagent it won't use that reagent even if the priorities are set up. I noticed this with my low lever alts that had not used Lady's Smock in the past. I had to learn it manually the first time, then the add...
File: Confirm Master Writ10/31/18
Sorry for everyone. :( Lib updated...
Posted By: Marify
Sorry for everyone. :( Lib updated, so please check it.
File: Lib3D-v310/30/18
nil will be returned
Posted By: Marify
Hi! :) Calling WorldToGlobal (x, z) returns x and nil. ------------------------------- function lib:WorldToGlobal(x, z) x = x * self.currentWorldToGlobalFactor z = z * self.currentWorldToGlobalFactor x = x + self.currentOriginGlobalX z = z + self.currentOriginGlobalY return x, y end --------------------------------
File: Confirm Master Writ10/29/18
Re: Jewelry problem
Posted By: Marify
Not working with Platings Expertise values on Jewelry crafting. It only gives the base value for platings. Hi! :) Thanks for the bug info. Updated to Ver 0.9.5
File: Confirm Master Writ10/29/18
Re: Questions .... problems ....
Posted By: Marify
(1) The screenshot viewer on the AddOn Info tab says "View 7 Screenshots" but only one screenshot is displayed. (2) Which information is added to the Master Writ tooltip: (a) How much of each crafting material is required to make the item, or (b) how much of each crafting material is in the character's inventory and Crafting Bag?...
File: Daily Alchemy10/26/18
Hey again, Would it be possible...
Posted By: Marify
Hey again, Would it be possible for the addon to check what herbs you have the most in bag/bank/crafting bag and craft a potion based on that ? I'm mainly looking at Sip of Magicka which requires: solvent + Columbine + Corn Flower OR solvent + Columbine + Lady's Smock etc other variants Thanks! Hi! :) How about manua...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre10/12/18
Japanese Translation
Posted By: Marify
Hi !:) I entered Japanese in the google sheet, but are there any missing parts yet? Please let me know if there is any.
File: Confirm Master Writ10/03/18
Hi! ALL :) Thank you for reporting...
Posted By: Marify
Hi! ALL :) Thank you for reporting the bug. I was not noticed because I didn't join ESOPlus... :( (DLC has purchased)
File: Daily Provisioning10/03/18
Re: Nor crafting correct Matze
Posted By: Marify
Master writ asking to Craft Lusty Argonian Maid Matze and the addon keeps crafting Matze, wrong recipe. My character knows every recipe in the game so not sure why this is doing it. Hi! :) Thank you for reporting the bug. Update V1.2.9
File: Daily Provisioning09/23/18
Sorry to have waited.:( I was able...
Posted By: Marify
Sorry to have waited.:( I was able to generate an error on my PC.:banana: There may be some patterns that I have not tested, but I fixed a major cause.:)
File: Daily Provisioning09/21/18
I update to the 1.2.4 And turned...
Posted By: Marify
I update to the 1.2.4 And turned on the debug. Where does it log. I Seen some thing come up in the chat but it doesn't get log when you go the /chatlog. I happen to run it with my chars. On my main 50 char. When I open to make something. it got stuck making the first item. Even if I exit and come back into it. I log out and dele...
File: Daily Provisioning09/18/18
hi! Alassirana and manwoodsal :)...
Posted By: Marify
hi! Alassirana and manwoodsal :) As for this bug, contacts from several people came from other people. But, I'm in trouble because I can not identify the pattern that occurs...:( Updated to Version: 1.2.3. Sorry to trouble you, plz turn on debug mode and copy the logs. :(
File: Daily Alchemy09/17/18
Re: Bug - Wrong Potion Crafted
Posted By: Marify
Take a look at the task and what it is created by Daily Alchemy. Thanks. Thanks for the bug report! :) Fixed it, so please check.
File: Daily Alchemy09/16/18
Sorry for the wait. :( Version: 1....
Posted By: Marify
Sorry for the wait. :( Version: 1.2.4 updated. A special space was included in the quest statement.(NO-BREAK SPACE) SPACE:U+0020 NO-BREAK SPACE:U+00A0