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File: Bandits User Interface11/25/18
I updated to the latest and the pro...
Posted By: Pheebau
I updated to the latest and the problem is still there FYI. Getting errors after update. https://imgur.com/a/dQQlWUv
File: Bandits User Interface11/12/18
Re: small percentage thing :D
Posted By: Pheebau
Hi! I love this UI but i have a question. When i mouse over an npc i get a little number pop up in the middle of the screen above the NPCs name and to my characters immediate right. It says somehhing lik 9% or 12%. I was wondering what that is I have the same question. Would be great to find out ;) Cheers
File: Bandits User Interface11/02/18
Cannot use BanditsUI with BetterUI addon
Posted By: Pheebau
first of all, thank you for creating such a fantastic add-on! I really enjoy it. One issue I'm having is that I cannot have the BetterUI add-on with BanditsUI - I get the error shown in the attached picture. If I disable BetterUI then no error - I have the latest from both Add-ons which were uploaded in the last few days. I only s...
File: Inventory Grid View08/26/18
I love the look very much. Just wan...
Posted By: Pheebau
I love the look very much. Just want to know if it's me .. Does or does not work with Gamepad? Thank you. Not working for me in gamepad mode even though the add-on is enabled
File: Votan's Minimap08/09/18
Hello, when i enable minimap, it's...
Posted By: Pheebau
Hello, when i enable minimap, it's positioned at center of the screen, how do i move it where i want? i have minimap unlocked.Go into cursor mode (default key is ".") and drag it. Does this not work? Does not work for me either - tried cursor mode and also I disabled lock in settings. I can move all add-ons windows but this one....
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin08/09/18
Re: show on map doesn't work
Posted By: Pheebau
Last version of MiniMap breaks the "show on map" function of the game. Wanted to confirm this - "Show on map" no longer works :(