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File: Bandits User Interface11/25/18
The following error occure everytim...
Posted By: McCoRmIcK
The following error occure everytime the target health changed. And target frame shows always 100% user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Frames.lua:1493: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_Frames.lua:1493: in function 'BUI.Frames:Attribute' |caaaaaa self = tbl, unitTag =...
File: Bandits User Interface11/04/18
Is there a way to show pvp rank in...
Posted By: McCoRmIcK
Is there a way to show pvp rank in value at the target frame? if not, would be nice to implement that.