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File: Map Pins06/16/19
Re: Volendrung
Posted By: Hoft
I have been keeping track of volendrung spawn points. I noticed there are a few spawn points which I missed & that Map Pins are missing. It is not ready yet. several graphics for the pins including Undiscovered Skyshards and Lorebooks are not showing up. Frequently asked questions: >I do not see some pins on my map. Check Add-on...
File: Bandits Gear Manager06/16/19
Ability to custom name profiles wou...
Posted By: Hoft
Ability to custom name profiles would be a nice addition. May be. BUI_Gear.lua:435 Fixed. Will be available in next update.
File: Bandits User Interface06/16/19
Re: Re: Re: resource bars show as black
Posted By: Hoft
why don't you disable comments for Bandit UI here on ESO UI if "peasants" talking back is such a hassle for you? Using it to receive feedbacks for experienced players. how do I stop the non-bandit buffs from showing up? Settings>Combat>Buffs and Debuffs The Gear Manager button is missing from the side panel again. In the settings...
File: Bandits User Interface06/14/19
Re: resource bars show as black
Posted By: Hoft
Group Buffs: which effects are considered group buffs? Can group buffs be scaled, as currently they seem to have a small default size They can not be scaled because it will make space between bars larger. This feature is for healers. They are know what it means. Settings>Bandits UI>Group frames>Group buffs>OFF Sometimes I see a...
File: Chat Tab Selector06/12/19
Possible to implement options for c...
Posted By: Hoft
Possible to implement options for controlling chat fade? The setting under Social only controls the background, but I want the chat text to stop fading. It is not my code. I do not want to change it. если одна вкладка исп ...
File: Bandits User Interface06/12/19
Minimap -> Location title not only...
Posted By: Hoft
Minimap -> Location title not only inside the minimap frame, but also an as option above/below the minimap It is ZoS map title. I do not want to change another's code. But you can disable it in minimap settings. The "Dungeon Finder Queued" notification as part of the minimap with a fixed position below it + display of time in queue...
File: Bandits Gear Manager06/12/19
Assign an character outfit to a gea...
Posted By: Hoft
Assign an character outfit to a gear profile Added. one thing I've noticed, is that the order of the sets are coming in a wierd order. A-a-and? If i use poison in one gear profile and then switch to a gear profile without poison the poison is not unequipted. Can this be solved somehow? Right click on blank slot to set it to uneq...
File: Bandits User Interface06/11/19
Is it intended that the custom flat...
Posted By: Hoft
Is it intended that the custom flat theme also adds a small shadow to typed charactes in the chat frame? It is build in multi language font support (removes blank boxes and spaces between symbols).
File: Bandits User Interface06/11/19
Any chance you can add cooldown num...
Posted By: Hoft
Any chance you can add cooldown numbers for the quickslot/potions? This function is too high in resource leeching to add. Please add a fail-safe to reset all timers if player internet lags Added. For some reason my there my active buffs don't show any progression bar even though i have it enabled Player/Target buffs does not sup...
File: Map Pins06/09/19
Re: Radar Pins
Posted By: Hoft
Hello, is there any way to remove pins (such as Treasure Chests for example) from the Radar? No. Rifts won't save the allready collected ones in the SavedVars with the german client language. Fixed.
File: Bandits Gear Manager06/06/19
Re: Addition of outfit slot
Posted By: Hoft
Love that you have tabards apart of this mod, could you also add an outfit slot selection. I have no idea where to place it in interface. Added: Got idea! for some reason GearManager does not save my keybindings, it always reverts back to "Not Bound" It is not GearManager problem. You reached keybinds limit. Unbind some from old...
File: Chat Tab Selector06/06/19
I really like to use your addon but...
Posted By: Hoft
I really like to use your addon but it seems to break the use of /r or /reply to message the last person whispering you. I'l check it. 1. Можно ли сделать чтобы при клике...
File: Info Panel06/06/19
Option to sort the different module...
Posted By: Hoft
Option to sort the different modules while using the info panel, as currently they appear in a set order Gold in bank Queue time in dungeon finder Amount of rested exp for the experience module I'l take a note. what does the number in front of the achievement refer to when an update is logged to chat? Achievement id. Is ther...
File: Bandits User Interface06/06/19
Is it normal that the addon is trac...
Posted By: Hoft
Is it normal that the addon is tracing only 1 quest ? This add-on do not track quests. If you mean Quest Tracker then it is ZoS default. >Can you add Multi Quest Tracker? It was, but deleted, cause useless. Can you add opacity setting for minimap please? Sure, but it looks ugly. Try and you will se: /script ZO_WorldMap:SetAlpha(...
File: Bandits User Interface06/05/19
Re: Covetous Countess
Posted By: Hoft
guest called 'The covetous Countess Was fixed and con not be changed. I have set the progression bar length, however, it doesnt show up as intended. You need to enable it for that widgets you want to see. Settings>Bandits UI>Buffs>Widgets>Manage widgets>Gears icon on each widget>Progress bar>ON
File: Bandits User Interface06/04/19
The game really needs to display ou...
Posted By: Hoft
The game really needs to display our alliance in some way when potential group members are not near and thus no title bar visible. For example, when our guild groups up for a sewer run, we often find people who have forgotten the run is alliance specific and join on the wrong toons. When I'm forming group to Imperial sewers I'm usin...
File: Bandits User Interface06/02/19
Everytime I enter battle my bandit...
Posted By: Hoft
Everytime I enter battle my bandit group frames disappear until I exit battle, then come back. Any ides what could cause this? Just as ideas: 1. Check Settings>Bandits UI>Colors>In combat opacity. It must be higher then 0. 2. Settings>Bandits UI>Misc>Reset to defaults
File: Map Pins06/02/19
Re: Re: Re: Northern Elsweyr survey maps
Posted By: Hoft
Given enough time chest pins can start to appear in a new area, it's just delayed. If I do a reloadui all the nearby pins appear. No need to reloadui. Just open/close map. Try to use Bandits UI. It contains lightweight minimap with appropriate events that updates pins when you changes position.
File: Map Pins06/01/19
Though, if i do not kill a boss, at...
Posted By: Hoft
Though, if i do not kill a boss, at all, and the icon do no show up until i am almost to the end of the public dungeon, and suddenly shows up all at the same time when the last boss is killed, i never encountered that before. Uh. This is bad. Something really wrong. You used minimap, I think... What the minimap? May be it does not g...
File: Map Pins06/01/19
Re: Northern Elsweyr survey maps
Posted By: Hoft
Any chance there'll be new pins for Elsweyr survey maps? In time. as I move around it rarely updates the map and loads the new pins within my radius. Are you moving with opened map? Or you using minimap? MapPins supports update minimap events from Bandits UI minimap.
File: Bandits User Interface06/01/19
is it possible that i can link poti...
Posted By: Hoft
is it possible that i can link potion to the bandit custom bar? No. You have quick slots for them.
File: Map Pins05/31/19
Re: Re: Re: No Treasure Maps
Posted By: Hoft
in those delves and publics dungeons, the pins are vanishing and showing up at anytime while you are in. Sometimes they show up immediatly, or they show up once you have killed the boss. Uh-h-h... It is so simple... After you killing the boss it's pin is disappears (boss is gone). If you want to see this pin right now then just re...
File: Bandits User Interface05/31/19
Re: idea for addon creator
Posted By: Hoft
is it possible to add to the addon : markers above the character's head for tank and healer ? We have no API for this. potions in custom quick slots to be gray out when its on cooltime. Also dead group member icon in minimap. Already in work.
File: Bandits User Interface05/30/19
i would prefer more options like fo...
Posted By: Hoft
i would prefer more options like for example srendarr. Use it if you like. What a problem? i would like to change visibilty/color/size and latency on the reticle castbar. Useless on my opinion. And. Many options makes configuration harder.
File: Bandits User Interface05/29/19
Re: Per Character Settings
Posted By: Hoft
Is there anyway to have per character settings. No. Can be added? No. Why? Useless. Group and Raid menu frame, is there a way to show when a person is out of range Out of the range group member frames are faded. But not always. This issue comes with Summerset.