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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter03/11/19
sirinsidiator came up with a tempor...
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sirinsidiator came up with a temporary fix guys! Download "medic" from the dropbox link and install it manually, it works! It worked for me too! Thanks!
File: CraftStore Markarth01/25/19
This has probably been answered, bu...
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This has probably been answered, but there is no way to easily search the comments for key words... What does the arrow head do in the upper right of the CS window? It doesnt seem to do anything for me... trying to figure it out...
File: Inventory Insight02/21/18
Hello Manavortex, First off, I LOV...
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Hello Manavortex, First off, I LOVE THE ADDON! I love the direction you have taken with it, and the new features you have/are adding! Thank you for all the hard work!! Hoping you can clarify something, and likewise I am recommending you clarify this in the latest release notes page in ESOUI, only because it seems important......
File: Inventory Insight01/26/18
Re: Tracking furnishing in houses?
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... I've been known to buy things that I already had, or lose track of what I've placed. I'd find it really valuable if IIfA could show my furnishings and which house they were in (after visiting the houses once of course). I would love this feature as well! I logged into ESOUI to request this feature too :)
File: Inventory Insight10/31/17
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First off, I LOVE YOUR ADDON! THANK YOU!! One thing that would be great if it were added to this addon... For the tool tips showing where the items are located, and how many at the bottom... is it possible to add ALL variants of the set piece too? For example... Lets say I use an undaunted key and get medium Blood Spawn helm...
File: Guild Hall List07/05/17
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This addon is great! Nice work! One request would be a way to give priority to a specific hall, so it remains the first listed. We have several houses we would like to list as guild halls, but they appear to all be in alphabetical order, putting the "official" hall of the GM near the bottom. Is it possible to have them listed by...
File: Shissu's Guild Tools07/03/17
Re: Re: Re: bug
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The "Since trader" option in the History and the "Time to the next trader offer" in guildhome still gives false data starting at 8pm EDT on Sunday (1 hour before trader bid ends). your timezone? timezone shouldnt be a matter since it could be anything for anyone. But since you asked it one account is GMT +2 and on my other acco...
File: Combat Metrics06/06/17
Feature Request
Posted By: tjbhunter
@Decay2 - First I would like to say, thank you for building this addon. It is fantastic. We require it's use by the members in our trials guild. It is the perfect addon for judging our member's abilities for DPS on a Practice Dummy. Thank you! One thing I would really love to see added, and maybe this has been requested before, an...
File: Combat Reticle12/22/16
Target "Lock"
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There are a lot of comments for this add-on, so I apologize if it has been addressed. I could not find it in the comments. I really like the add-on, but I am trying to figure out if there is a feature I am missing, or if it's just not included... When you use the regular reticle in the game, the reticle changes when you hover over...