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File: Quest Map07/08/20
could you also add a ESO Glow icon...
Posted By: cheerful
could you also add a ESO Glow icon set like in destinations ?
File: AUI - Advanced UI06/26/20
Any chance to lock compass frame ?...
Posted By: cheerful
Any chance to lock compass frame ? it keeps resetting its position. Also crafting experience bar cant be moved.
File: Slightly Improvedô Experience Bar06/16/20
Re: Re: Screen Postition
Posted By: cheerful
The "frame mover" are normally included in the "base-ui" (?) addons which are AUI, LUI and Bandits UI. I guess nearly everyone uses one(!) of the 3 anyway. PS. i'm getting unsure now if this specific XP-bar was really moveable with AUI, if i remember correct there were some frames which were not included in the frame-mover s...
File: Destinations06/06/20
could you add english POI for disco...
Posted By: cheerful
could you add english POI for discovered wayshrines ? the recent version of EnglishPOIandKeepNames can do this - but with Destionations it gives me double entries on some POI
File: Wykkyd Toolbar05/27/20
Re: Compass keeps bouncing around
Posted By: cheerful
Hi all, Does anyone know what causes the compass to bounce up and down constantly? I've got "bump compass" turned on and as long as I stand completely still it works fine. Soon as I start running around, the compass starts bouncing back up to its original position and then back down to where it was bumped. It's so distracting, I'v...
File: The Questing Guide05/08/20
Its working nice but only when i am...
Posted By: cheerful
Its working nice but only when i am using the english client German client gives errors.
File: HarvestMap03/12/20
Why do I see some pins twice? Do yo...
Posted By: cheerful
Why do I see some pins twice? Do you know where the error is? https://www.imgup.cz/images/2020/03/03/20200303192822_1.jpg happens for me when the pins are near boundaries like between city and area map. then each map gets its pin
File: Destinations06/18/17
Posted By: cheerful
gotta ask the annoying question again - is it possible to keep english descriptions of POI after discovering as well ?
File: ArmorHUD06/18/17
Thx - works great !
Posted By: cheerful
Thx - works great !
File: ArmorHUD06/16/17
Adjustable size
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Could you make the display resizable or selectable different sizes ? I edited it for myself to 128x96 and elelemts at 32x32 in prior versions. That way it fits nicely at the bottom screen for me.
File: Faster Travel (Wayshrines menu & Teleporter) - maintenance04/16/17
Posted By: cheerful
since this addon gave errors i tried the other travel addons. now i am using Teleport Tool. it requires a small manual fix (commments section) and a hotkey bind.
File: Destinations03/03/17
is it possible to keep english POI...
Posted By: cheerful
is it possible to keep english POI names after discovering ? english wayshrines tooltips wont work after discovering
File: Teleport Tool02/28/17
Re: Re: One Tamriel fix/improve
Posted By: cheerful
Thank you for providing that fix. It also got me looking to see if there could be a fix for my less than level 50 characters not being able to see guildmates. 1) Look for the line (search for >= 50 and you will be in the area): if zoneExist ~= 1 and playerLevel and playerLevel >= 50 then 2) Simply change it to (by re...
File: AUI - Advanced UI02/26/17
updating harvestmap addon fixed min...
Posted By: cheerful
updating harvestmap addon fixed minimap for me
File: Destinations02/07/17
After discovering waypoints the eng...
Posted By: cheerful
After discovering waypoints the english description is gone. Would it be possible to always keep additional english description also on discovered POI ?
File: TraitBuddy08/09/16
Re: Version 2.7.6
Posted By: cheerful
Thanks for fixing ! I just uploaded version 2.7.6 which fixes the style name on the tooltip. I also improved the way it looked. It now has a cool icon next to it and is higher up the tooltip
File: TraitBuddy08/09/16
Re: Unable to make keep keybind (numpad keys)?
Posted By: cheerful
I am using german keyboard and have my keybind set to for TraitBuddy. The setting keeps saved. While i am there i have a question of my own: The tooltip string of motifs seems bugged for translations. In english client its ok. For example: Dunmer in english is ok. In german it will read Dunmer^p. I also use AwesomeGuildStore....
File: MasterThief08/07/16
Re: Re: Re: Re: lootlist
Posted By: cheerful
Thanks alot. Seems to work so far. :) Uploaded another version, which should work now "without multiple" items saved with different levels. On quick tests it worked for me. No idea whether it do work perfectly. Let me know if it work for you. Again - thanks for report.
File: MasterThief08/01/16
Re: Re: lootlist
Posted By: cheerful
I probably wasnt clear enough. Here is an saved variable example of an item - once looted with chr. level 7 and then readded with chr. level 8. Also there is a difference if you mark a clean (not stolen) item. Maybe you could check only for the item ID part ? "|H0:item:34308:1:7:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0|h|h" "|H0:i...
File: MasterThief07/30/16
Posted By: cheerful
i started a thief recently wich is also my provisoner - thats why i need a lot of ingredients. i dont want all random ingredients - thtas why i use adding to lootlist. then after some time lootlist seemed to forget some items that are positive for looting. i found out my character level is also stored in saved variables - next to i...