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File: Notebook 201805/30/18
Posted By: xepla
I think this addon has amazing roleplay potential as a personal character journal that you could potentially share with other players . just a thought
File: reMasquerade05/19/18
Is there any way to "update"/modify...
Posted By: xepla
Is there any way to "update"/modify a set without having to delete & re-bind it?
File: Masquerade05/19/18
Re: Not fully working.
Posted By: xepla
I'm glad that this addon is back to being worked on, but I've come across a little glitch. Right now I have two profiles. One named 'base' and one named 'thief'. Changing to thief works flawlessly, no matter what I had costume setup I had on before. Changing to base doesn't work at all though. For my 'base', it's just my regular...
File: Pimp my Ride - Collectible Randomizer & Outfitter05/17/18
Really wish I could enjoy this addo...
Posted By: xepla
Really wish I could enjoy this addon but it doesn't seem to work currently! I don't see any addons that even have similar functionality / are easy to use
File: Master Merchant05/16/18
minor suggestion
Posted By: xepla
Hi there, I have a really minor suggestion for this addon. Can you make it so there is an "x" button to the right of the search box, to erase what I wrote in the field? This is really insignificant but having to click in it and erase every time is just a little tedious & I am actually that lazy.
File: Screenshot Helper05/15/18
Posted By: xepla
File: X4D Core07/18/15
1.16 & MM Incompatibility
Posted By: xepla
Just wanted to confirm what the others have said about the incompatibility between version 1.16 and Master Merchant. I can't get past the loading screen after character selection.
File: Borrower And Lender - NPC Muter05/18/15
Posted By: xepla
Is anyone updating this or able to suggest an alternative? I ONLY want to mute the "This one hears the strangeness in Southpoint has ended" dialogue in Elden Root.
File: ItemSetGuide02/19/15
Such a shame to see this abandoned...
Posted By: xepla
Such a shame to see this abandoned ! Very useful..
File: Shopkeeper - Sales History and Alerts08/27/14
feature suggestion: # of items to restock after sales
Posted By: xepla
Hi Khaibit, I have a (minor) feature suggestion to this already amazing addon! I like to keep all 5 of my guild stores fully stocked at all times with items I am selling. After some items sell, I then have to return to the banker and manually count out exactly how many open Sell slots I have: "Ok, I have 28/30 in guild1... 25/30...
File: Wykkyd Outfitter08/18/14
Must-have addon. Great work
Posted By: xepla
Must-have addon. Great work
File: Shopkeeper - Sales History and Alerts08/05/14
I use fullscreen mode, and I'm cons...
Posted By: xepla
I use fullscreen mode, and I'm constantly alt-tabbing. So it must have something to do with that.
File: Shopkeeper - Sales History and Alerts08/02/14
setting for auto-fade timer
Posted By: xepla
Hey Khaibit, love/ can't live without your addon :D However, sometimes for reasons unknown, I have an issue with the Item Sold alert text sticking on my screen and not going away until a /reload. I use lots of addons, so it could be that one of them isn't playing nice.. not sure. show multiple alerts is on. I don't see a settin...
File: Shopkeeper - Sales History and Alerts07/04/14
Praise Sithis!!! Great work and tha...
Posted By: xepla
Praise Sithis!!! Great work and thank you.
File: Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr/De]07/02/14
Re: Too many searches in rapid succession
Posted By: xepla
This addon continually comes up with the above error and then restarts back at the start of the search. I have changed the timer to 5 sec, 7 sec and even 10 sec and it still fails. What was once a good addon is now useless due to ESO's cooldown timer and going to next pages in the Guild Store. While we wait for an update, just s...
File: Banker06/28/14
Re: Patched Version
Posted By: xepla
I uploaded a patched version, surprise it is named BankerPatched. It updates the Itemtypes and API version which restores functionality. Hopefully Nols is still around to update at some point because I know diddly squat about LUA. Took me all week just to figure out what I needed to do. Yeah I'm that dumb. Can't live without this add...
File: Price Tracker06/27/14
sold prices
Posted By: xepla
Does this addon calculate item worth entirely based on listed guild store prices? Sometimes what items actually sell for can be a better indicator than listed price (though not always). Many people don't know what their items are worth and may list them for random amounts. For items with limited data like rares, this can make stor...
File: Luminary - BankerShutUp06/26/14
Re: How to mute NPCs
Posted By: xepla
This is a great addon! Finally, some crafting PEACE :) As a previous commenter said, if there's anyway to silence Azbishan and Gerethel, Elden Root might even become usable again.. xD Great work!