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File: CraftStore Greymoor03/19/20
Any chance you could reimplement fu...
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Any chance you could reimplement furniture recipe previews based on KLISK's Custom Item Preview (Furniture)?
File: TTMP: The Tamriel Mapping Project09/12/18
You seem not to have added support...
Posted By: Furgelnod
You seem not to have added support for psijic portals to the latest update (2.4). They appear in place of the occasional enchanting node once you've unlocked the psijic skill line. I picked a couple and recorded the debug info if that'll help with implementing them. TTMP.StartInteraction: Loot, Psijic Portal TTMP:OnLootReceived...
File: Vampire's Woe11/29/17
I would say this addon is a life sa...
Posted By: Furgelnod
I would say this addon is a life saver but that's not quite right. ;) Great work though.
File: MultiCraft11/29/17
A feature request, yay.
Posted By: Furgelnod
It would be excellent if you could add some toggles for this addon. I find very useful in everything but provisioning and enchanting where it causes a conflict with CraftStore which has its own built in mechanism for multi crafting. If I was able to switch it off for those scenes I'd have it enabled all the time but as it is I have t...