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File: Arch's Enhanced Crafting08/25/19
Hello Architecture, Thank you f...
Posted By: Sister666
Hello Architecture, Thank you for the update, but for me, the raw materials still doesn't hide the less one. Any idea of what is wrong ? Ditto here. removing and reinstalling doesn't change it. A pitty, cause this was a welcome feat.
File: Slightly Improved™ Dialogues03/10/19
Ran into issues in thieves guild da...
Posted By: Sister666
Ran into issues in thieves guild daily. Couldn't choose other then "Goodbye". Tried waiting and letting the voice ran its course. Clicked "Goodbye" and tried again…. Nada. Yet after I disabled the add-on I could. Pity, as I liked the add-on.
File: Slightly Improved™ Experience Bar02/27/19
Re: Re: Preferred Previous Look
Posted By: Sister666
I appreciate the work and updating this to be current, but I have to say I did prefer the previous look where the experience #s were below the bar instead of inside the bar. I agree. There is no setting to change the font size, font text and shading any more. :( Ditto