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File: CraftStore Wolfhunter03/07/18
most be some conflict with another...
Posted By: Badelord
most be some conflict with another addon for me then. No just me being stupid, had do click and drag next to the button not directly on it.
File: CraftStore Wolfhunter03/06/18
Move craftstore button.
Posted By: Badelord
Not sure if i'm stupid but is the craftstore button moveble? i only see an option to hide it completly.
File: Action Duration Reminder12/08/17
Thank you for the mod it is really...
Posted By: Badelord
Thank you for the mod it is really amazing! I too have the problem that recasting twisting path and crippling grasp before they run out sets the timer to 0.0. Also recasting merciless resolve makes it work normaly for the remaining duration of the first cast, breaks it tho when that is about to run out.(to reproduce: cast merc...