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File: Bandits User Interface11/26/20
Re: Widget activation sounds too low
Posted By: Hoft
Is there a way to make the widget activation sounds louder? I can barely even hear them even in a quiet environment... thanks! Settings>Sound>Interface volume
File: Group Loot Notifier11/25/20
Sometimes, when in a group, the add...
Posted By: Hoft
Sometimes, when in a group, the addon displays character names in chat next to loot instead of the @name. Happens if @AccName was not retrieved.
File: Bandits User Interface11/25/20
I am being stalked by Pacrooti! :ma...
Posted By: Hoft
I am being stalked by Pacrooti! :mad: Check Writ Crafter settings.
File: Map Pins11/25/20
Re: reach map location
Posted By: Hoft
The treasure map is unnumbered. reach_base={{.386,.681,0}}, = reach treasure map Taken from addon info: If you want to help to add survey/treasure maps then: 1. Right click on map in your inventory>link in chat, copy this string. 2. Find location, type /loc, copy this string. 3. Post collected data in comment tab.
File: Bandits User Interface11/23/20
hi all I need an ID Way of Martial...
Posted By: Hoft
hi all I need an ID Way of Martial Knowledge? 127070
File: Bandits User Interface11/19/20
I wanna say that I LOVE your add-on...
Posted By: Hoft
I wanna say that I LOVE your add-on, hands down best ESO add on IMO. Thank you. I appreciate this!
File: Bandits User Interface11/18/20
display the buff IDs/names above th...
Posted By: Hoft
display the buff IDs/names above the icons so I know which one to blacklist. Something like an option I could turn on to display the IDs/names /bui dm - Switch on/off Developer Mode You can also use Damage Statistics to see buffs was applied. Developer Mode adds IDs in Damage Statistics too. How do I turn off the Crate NPC from sh...
File: Bandits Loot Manager11/18/20
Re: Surveys
Posted By: Hoft
Any idea why surveys aren't being pulled from bank? I'l check it.
File: Bandits User Interface11/17/20
Is it possible to show the (custom)...
Posted By: Hoft
Is it possible to show the (custom) target frame and target buffs when being in the mouse mode? "Target" is the enemy that targeting by reticle. There is no reticle in mouse mode, so no target, so no target buffs. It is possible to freeze interface when entering cursor mode but other interface parts will suffer.
File: Info Panel11/17/20
Нет кн...
Posted By: Hoft
Нет кнопки для настроек аддона, не знаю почему. Сама пане&#...
File: Bandits User Interface11/16/20
Is it possible to allow sharing res...
Posted By: Hoft
Is it possible to allow sharing resources without ultimates? Bandits UI sharing all data in one paсkage to minimize count of pings. No matter what is sharing. The server block clients that make too many sends. So use only one "sharing addon".
File: Bandits Loot Manager11/16/20
Re: Intricate items
Posted By: Hoft
Would it be possible to include an option to push intricate items to the bank? No. Intricate items is a part of "complex filter" that is not include "push to bank" option. If you using intricate items to raise crafting skill for your other characters the better way is using mail "send-return" method.
File: Map Pins11/12/20
I use aui mini-map. Pins vanish off...
Posted By: Hoft
I use aui mini-map. Pins vanish off the map after a couple of nodes are collected. I'll go into settings and disable a pin for wood and re-enable the pin and they come back but then they quickly disappear again after a node or two. Wrong theme. It is not AUI and not HarvestMap or what are you using.
File: Bandits User Interface11/11/20
major courage icon is changed and i...
Posted By: Hoft
major courage icon is changed and it doesn't look larger, rest of mojor bıffs are large but major courage look small like normal buffs I'l check it. dps share is disabling, every login or relod UI Use only ONE add-on for dps share. It is important. If you use another dps share addon then one of them must be disabled or you wi...
File: Map Pins11/08/20
Markarth Wow! Great work! But alre...
Posted By: Hoft
Markarth Wow! Great work! But already added with today's update.
File: Bandits User Interface11/08/20
Re: Requests/Suggestions
Posted By: Hoft
Ability timers should handle multiple targets: For example, currently if I taunt multiple target, the timers on the ability bar shows only the most recent timer. Make a widget for "Taunt", enable "multitarget" option for it. I normally use Action Duration Reminder addon, and would like to use Cast bar on reticle feature to see abil...
File: Map Pins11/07/20
Markarth skyshards...: Gloomreach3...
Posted By: Hoft
Markarth skyshards...: Gloomreach3_base={{.648,.406, 2857}}, briarrockruins_ext={{.341, .621, 2857}}, reach_base={{.821,.717, 2857}}, reach_base={{.469, .309, 2857}}, Thank you. Need other skyshard locations. U28_black reach={{.406,.371, 2857}}, U28_black reach={{.914,.731, 2857}}, Is wrong.
File: Bandits User Interface11/07/20
Re: Conflict with Zygor's leveling guide
Posted By: Hoft
if I use Zygor's leveling guide addon with this, it just forces the minimap to constantly appear on my screen. Disable it or MiniMap
File: Bandits User Interface11/06/20
I really like the idea of showing o...
Posted By: Hoft
I really like the idea of showing only looted items I haven't added to collections. With Group Loot Notifier this seems like a possibility. In BanditUI under "Group Loot Notifier" there is an option called "Show Collected Set Items". The tool tip reads: "Disable to hide items you already collected". Even with it disabled, it s...
File: Map Pins11/06/20
markarth dlc |H1:achievement:2964:...
Posted By: Hoft
markarth dlc |H1:achievement:2964:3:0|h|h reach_base={{.382,.658,68}}, reach_base={{.709,.691,68}}, reach_base={{.817,.658,68}}, |H1:achievement:2927:1:1604584601|h|h reach_base={{.817,.759,68}}, Good work! But it is nothing without all other pins.
File: Info Panel11/06/20
=2861,--Markarth =2861,--Blackrea...
Posted By: Hoft
=2861,--Markarth =2861,--Blackreach: Arktzand Cavern Ty!
File: Bandits User Interface11/05/20
I'm having some difficulty making D...
Posted By: Hoft
I'm having some difficulty making Defensive Rune work with Bandit's ability timer. When triggered by an enemy, the timer does not stop, making it difficult to know when I need to reapply it. Use Widgets.
File: Map Pins11/05/20
something has gone wrong coz i have...
Posted By: Hoft
something has gone wrong coz i have no pins on map in markarth have pointed it out, the add-on does not work at all for Markath. I searched through the MapPins.lua file and nothing from Markath is in the file. Donations received for the new version: 0 Have no stimulus to spend many hours on pts.
File: Bandits User Interface11/03/20
Subterranean Assault skill have a 6...
Posted By: Hoft
Subterranean Assault skill have a 6-second duration with the ability timer. If you want to use it by cd then watch for its animation or make a widget. I can't really find any add on causing the problem so figured I'd ask and see. A-and... why are you posting your question here? Disable all add-ons, test, enable one, test, one mor...
File: Map Pins11/03/20
Any plans for Markarth update ? Ma...
Posted By: Hoft
Any plans for Markarth update ? MapPins update for Markarth was 24.10