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File: LibGetText03/04/19
Re: Re: Alternative Code
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There is no real difference in the code you posted. It's mostly a matter of preference how you write it. I reuse parts of it between multiple libraries, so it is easier for me to use generic names and only specify the full library name in one place. That way I do not have to change everything when I copy it over. thanks for the fe...
File: LibGetText03/03/19
Alternative Code
Posted By: swtrse
I took a quick look at the code of this small library. I'm am just a beginer and try to figure out lua and the eso api I came up with my own version and would ask if that version is cleaner and if not why. LibGetText = {instance = {}} LibGetText.name = "LibGetText" local Dictionary = ZO_Object:Subclass() function Dictionary...