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File: PadUI02/17/17
Russian UI
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Sorry for the off-topic post. My wife is Russian and would love to play this game with me IF... the text were in cyrillic. Doesnt need the voice translations. Noticed in your screenshot that you have all data in cyrillic. Will you point me to where/how you did that? *Need more girls in the game* :)
File: Harven's Experience Notify12/27/14
feature request : WILL PAY :)
Posted By: wjtonline
First, LOVE the addon! Any chance you could have the XP show (exactly as it does in the pop up POST combat window) in the chat box? I used to use an addon called XP Notifier that did this, but it's not maintained any longer, and doesn't show ability XP info. I'd be happy to pay for this addon (say a month of ESO time? ) :) T...