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File: Mass Deconstructor08/17/19
Posted By: MethosFrost
While you are working on an update to use the new settings could I request a feature? It'd be great to see multi-pass capability when refining, giving the addon the ability to refine until complete rather than having to hit refine multiple times when refining gives you more refining to do in jewelry.
File: WritWorthy08/13/19
Addon is having issues auto crafting jewelry
Posted By: MethosFrost
I queued up jewelry masterwrits, now that they are worth doing sometimes, and the addon crafted me out of trait materials. It crafted 3 of the same ring without enhancing the quality on the 1 the writ called for. I wonder if the quality and quantity positions are off... V5.1.2
File: DailyAutoshare08/10/19
Reset timer fix
Posted By: MethosFrost
Can you update reset time on dailies on US servers? Lost track of which ones I hadn't done when the list reset an hour early. I'm guessing it has something to do with daylight savings.
File: Thief Tools07/28/19
Auto Sell/Launder
Posted By: MethosFrost
Does this addon not Auto Sell/Launder based on the rules you set up? If not can that be a feature request? If so I'd like to know where that setting is. Not sure why you have the options without that capability.
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)07/20/19
Deposit Character Bound
Posted By: MethosFrost
Is there a setting or a check that can be added that I missed that will prevent the Addon from trying to deposit character bound items, like potions, poisons, etc.? This is breaking the system so the individual withdraws don't happen.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter12/31/18
Crafting Materials
Posted By: MethosFrost
I have to say I've thoroughly have enjoyed the holiday crafting (divine) materials prompts. Many people have not noticed but I think the pine needles was the best this holiday, sounds itchy.