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File: Map Pins08/28/18
Skyshards incorrect / Pin size not working?
Posted By: gruuvan
Hello! Thank you for the addon. Excited to try and use this one instead of ~3-4 others. I'm having an issue, however, where a brand new character has some "incorrect" pins - specifically, at least one Skyshard on the Gold Coast showed as collected even though I hadn't gotten it.
File: EsoRP - Communicative roleplay addon07/06/18
Hi! Thanks for working on something...
Posted By: gruuvan
Hi! Thanks for working on something that people have been requesting. Could you open-source this or let us know why it requires a special launcher for ESO? The Readme file in the download wasn't very clear. I understand ESO can't read from the addons until a UI reload, but other addons like TTC do not require hooking the game with...