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File: F_ckOff06/29/23
You should consider using other add...
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You should consider using other addon names in the future please, thank you for your understanding. Auto GuildInviteDecline would have matched your other addon's Auto * name "template" e.g. and would be less-offensively. I agree with Beartram It would also serve better for people to find it, and know about it, for the SEO....
File: Immersive Quests03/11/23
You've got a typo in the url for yo...
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You've got a typo in the url for your recommended addons for True Exploration. How can I sign up to contribute? I can playtest or proofread! Hi, Darktalon Once you have the Immersive Quests Addon installed, go into the Settings and click the Join Discord Team, you can reach us there. Looking forward to it,
File: Immersive Quests02/22/23
If once you are done you want to ma...
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If once you are done you want to make your GetNewConditionText function accessible from other addons, I can look if I can make it replacing the original condition text in my Vestige's Epic Quest addon (a quest tracker) for users that have Immersive Quests installed. :) Will keep that in mind once everything is done.
File: Collection bars02/16/23
Might be minority...
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But I would request 50 Collection bar Keybinds... Please don't judge me :D
File: Immersive Quests01/29/23
Absolutely incredible addon, aweome...
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Absolutely incredible addon, aweome idea and great execution! I started a new character and playing Khenarthi's Roost, enjoying it more than ever. I hope more zones will be covered soon, so I can play along as the addon develops. I can finally quest without feeling like a bot, and without getting completely lost because those previou...
File: Immersive Quests01/29/23
Thanks mate! Our team is on it!
Posted By: OneSkyGod
amazing project! congrats on the first mini step :D A journey of two thousand quests begins with a single step. Lao Tzu
File: Disable Prologue Quests01/15/23
lovely addon!
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will put it in the immersion list
File: Community Leveling Guides01/14/23
Currious about the "**More Dialogue Options"""
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Can you let us know what that means ? Will you be adding more Dialogue options for quests? Or more options to respond as Khajiit Speak addon does? Thanks
File: No compass11/13/22
Hey Would you be open to remove the...
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Hey Would you be open to remove the Background of the Compass, as a feature for you addon? With function OnLoaded( event, addon ) if ( addon ~= "XX" ) then return end local compass_center = WINDOW_MANAGER:GetControlByName("ZO_CompassFrame", "Center") compass_center:SetHidden(true) local compass_left = WINDOW_MANAGER:Ge...
File: Map Pins07/21/22
Hi Love your addons keep up the...
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Hi Love your addons keep up the good work. I was wondering if there is a way to Remove the Icons that are visible in the Town Map, like the Stables, dock and others Icons. Could a Filter be made to remove those? Thanks for your time
File: PinKiller11/07/21
Hello Shinni
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lovely Addon
File: LorebooksColoredLibrary08/08/21
You are amazing
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love it :D
File: Set Tracker - UPDATED05/14/21
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Thanks Votan for the Fix
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors03/18/21
Re: Re: Request: Removal of the Flashing when Show Player pin is on
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Thank You, both. :) Is it possible to add an option to change transparency as well as color? Or make selected pin types invisible? Pretty please with moonsugar on top? Also it would be great if your addon also worked on dungeons, trials, wayshrines and homes :) Anyway, thanks a lot for making these addons! Changing transparency l...
File: The Compendium (Demo)03/02/21
Re: Re: The Compendium (Demo) can't see text
Posted By: OneSkyGod
All good, I am just documenting all the possible interactions with addons, in case some other people have the same problem they can have information how to solve it. Keep up the good work! I am currently doing your custom Quest and I ROLFed at " catch fish with hands just like Pa! " Pure GOLD! The Compendium (Demo) can't...
File: The Compendium (Demo)03/01/21
The Compendium (Demo) can't see text
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The Compendium (Demo) can't see text If you have IMMERSIVE INTERACTIONS AddOn and you start a conversation with a Custom NPC and you don't press the Show text button, the The Compendium (Demo) text will be blank, until you press the see text button during the immersive interaction Here is a video showing how to fix it htt...
File: TrueExploration03/01/21
Re: Love this. Is it possible...
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Is it possible to have a toggle to turn off character's location icon? The RP-notion is that I obtained a map of the region, but it hides my actual location (no GPS "you are here" icon). Completely removes your Player Pin on the map. Makes it impossible to hover over yourself and see your name on map. Removes the flashing o...
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors02/28/21
Request: Removal of the Flashing when Show Player pin is on
Posted By: OneSkyGod
Hi I really love the addons you create ! I just have a small request, if its possible for it to work let me know. When the Show Player Pin option is OFF, pressing the map button shows a flashing of the current location for a brief second. Would it be possible to hide the flashing as well, since it gives you a hint where you...
File: PinKiller02/27/21
Hello, Can you add keybinding to a...
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Hello, Can you add keybinding to activate or desactivate the addon pinkiller ? Would be cool to fast switch when you are blocked in hard quest :) Thanks ! toggle your compass with it showing where to go. That is what I do.
File: The Compendium (Demo)02/23/21
You the MVP
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:) Happy to see this Addon in the Works ! Currently trying it
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter01/25/21
Can we Have Auto Click on the Writs board >?
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I love the addon :D But just wondering if its possible to have an auto Accept of on the Writs Board and auto click on the Crafting Station. Thanks alot
File: Custom Idle Animation03/01/20
The newest update is weird, I disab...
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The newest update is weird, I disable emotes but they keep coming back... The only way to fix this is to edit variables file manually. Try keybinding the Addon on and off
File: Custom Idle Animation02/29/20
Re: Re: Request or help
Posted By: OneSkyGod
Hello everyone, I've rewrote my addon from scratch and also implemented some new features, hope you like it. Feel free to give any feedback. Hello I wanted to change the names of sets eg; Set 1 to Bard So I went into the Lua File and set it like this choices = {"Bard", "Set 2", "Set 3", "Set 4", "Set 5", "Set 6", "Set 7", "Set...
File: ImmersiveHorseRiding02/25/20
Re: My bugs and Work arounds
Posted By: OneSkyGod
So I been Testing it out and I found some bugs with this addon for me. Don't Harvest In First Person Mount View, it might kick you to login Screen Don't Enter Buildings in First Person Mount View, it might kick you to login Screen Don't use Crafting stations in First person Mount View, it might kick you to login Screen Don't De...
File: No, thank you! - Blackwood02/22/20
Re: Re: Trying to add No spin Toggle command
Posted By: OneSkyGod
Hello I am new to coding, I would really appreciate if you could help me with adding a no Spin toggle command or keybind. I tried to do it myself but cant seam to get it done. local function TogSpin() SV.noCameraSpin = not SV.noCameraSpin DontRotateGameCamera() end SLASH_COMMANDS = TogSpin let me know if its possibl...