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File: Auto Banish Pets/Assistants/Companions07/16/23
Thank you for this useful addon :ba...
Posted By: Altorus
Thank you for this useful addon :banana: For our French friends, coud you add this line in your lang/fr.lua : ABP_TORCHBUG_NAME = "Flammouche", and modify in AutoBanishPetsAbilities.lua : AutoBanishPets.harvests = { = { = true, = true, = true, = true, = true, = true, = true, = true, = true,...
File: FCO ItemSaver02/04/23
Tranlation option missing
Posted By: Altorus
Hello, I suspect a missing line in FCOIS_LocalizedStrings.lua, this line = GetString(SI_ITEMTYPE57), doesn't exist under French part and US part. ;)
File: Vestige's Epic Quest12/13/22
French translation suggestion
Posted By: Altorus
Hello Masteroshi, Thank you for this usefull addon. A little contribution for the French version, could you modify your file with this, in your function LoadMiniQuestsInfo: = zo_strformat(SI_WINDOW_TITLE_WORLD_MAP, zone) = zo_strformat(SI_WINDOW_TITLE_WORLD_MAP, name) VEQ.MiniQu...