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File: Dungeon Tracker11/03/18
Re: Re: strange tooltip text
Posted By: ZhooL
Should be fixed in latest version, once it posts. Thanks a lot, Phinix. Tooltips are correct now.
File: BeamMeUp - Beta-Channel - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/02/18
One of the best Addons recently - k...
Posted By: ZhooL
One of the best Addons recently - keep up the good work. It saves so much time in traveling. I'd like to see more "sorting/grouping" options. I would prefer such a list of destinations: first the favorites, then the waypoints and after that the other stuff like dungeons, trials, houses,... Each group sorted alphabetical.
File: Dungeon Tracker11/02/18
strange tooltip text
Posted By: ZhooL
Got this strange text behavior in tooltips back (german client). ^m,an or ^N,in or ^nd,in is appended to POI or world boss tooltips text. https://www.zhool.de/ESO_DT.png
File: Dungeon Tracker02/27/17
please fix for (at least) german clients
Posted By: ZhooL
In DungeonTracker.lua around line 211: local function ModifyDungeonTooltip(pin) local poiName, _, _, _ = GetPOIInfo(zoneIndex, poiIndex) please add: poiName = LocalizeString('<<1>>', poiName) to get rid of those "^N,in" control sequences in "non-dungeon" POI tooltips like town names. Thanks ZhooL