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File: Votan's Fisherman08/26/18
Great Addons Votan! Thanks! I n...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Great Addons Votan! Thanks! I notice your wish list includes stats about bait and fish. I could certainly use that. ran out of insect parts recently due to a demanding zone for the blue level fish. Yes, I know, I should have farmed more :rolleyes: but a count of each bait next to the fish list would be good. Being a stats fre...
File: Harven's Extended Stats08/31/17
What shows ..or not!
Posted By: Geraintmawr
For the four years (come next April) that I have been playing ESO, toon stats have been the biggest minefield. It is so difficult to find out how some figures are derived. Not least when ESO has the goal posts moved every other patch. As Harven says, on the homepage for this addon, the numbers are reported not calculated. He is ju...
File: CharDump08/16/17
API Bump
Posted By: Geraintmawr
These API bumps must be a very easy change, but they seem to be coming quick and fast these days! So thanks for doing the little things!! In this phase of ESO, once mighty addons are being tweaked, rewritten and just plain not supported by other coders. Keep it up and thanks for a great addon. Even though it does not improve my d...
File: No, thank you!08/07/17
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Well, I took it out, there was an update, I put it back in and ... it worked. No problems what so ever! I guess perhaps a simple saved variable surgery session, i.e remove that file, would have worked, but who knows. :eek: Hope this helps? ZOS should adopt a lot of these addons. And like that is going to happen, eh? :rolleyes:
File: CurvyHud07/13/17
Good work! Love it! :) Target In...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Good work! Love it! :) Target Informations should be Target Information in good English, or possibly Target Settings. Hey I can't speak a word of French! :rolleyes: Anyway, the values in Target Informations do not get saved to my profile file. So none of this is a big deal, if you fix them then awesome. Thanks for...
File: Iakoni's Skill Changer06/21/17
Posted By: Geraintmawr
I agree with Effbee, but I hate the Wykkyd interface. Text is too small. I wonder what 4K display users think? Also like Effbee I have not tried the linked key binds. I some times use set 1 with skills 1 as well as set 1 with skills 2. But I can see a work around for that by repeating set 1 as set 2 and then using 1 +1 and 2 + 2....
File: Destinations06/19/17
Loop of joy!
Posted By: Geraintmawr
1 Display "Yay! Thanks Ayantir!" (and for all the others you have updated to ESO 3.0) 2 If I was a computer game Ayantir's username would now be updated to hero status end if. 3 If this is quick and dirty, then bring on studied and clean! Socks are ready to be blown off end if. (I don't care about numbers but 2.9 for q&d...
File: Destinations06/08/17
Re: Destinations has 2,197,079 downloads
Posted By: Geraintmawr
@Ayantir, thank you for continuing to update Destinations. Your work is much appreciated, perhaps more than you realize. We all know that the internet is filled with impolite posters on almost every subject imaginable. So please don't let any negativity here cause you to walk away from this project. I agree, patience is a virtue....
File: No, thank you!04/20/17
Guild Problem?
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Hey! Man you must be run off your feet all these addons under your eyes! Sadly I must add to your burden. I recently screwed up and uninstalled a chunk of addons. One was No Thank You! It turned out that I did not set all my favourite settings on re-install. Today I got a MOTD change and realised that. After setting it up I co...
File: Destinations03/25/17
This is what I don't like about add...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
This is what I don't like about addons. There are always some pretty switched on folk who make some awesome software that really should have been in the game. Many stay put but some fade and the awesome addon becomes pointless. :mad:
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/16/17
Posted By: Geraintmawr
...., keep up the amazing work BlackSwan! Did you notice the addon Writworthy yet? I think this you need to get in touch with ziggr.
File: WritWorthy02/16/17
Posted By: Geraintmawr
.... some poison writs are quoted as needing Lorkhan's Tears not Alkahest. Still an awesome addon though, my socks will fly off if you do something neat with the chat stuff. How about putting it on the tool tip? I use the tool tip as an memory aid when I'm crafting, because craftstore has not caught up with master writs yet. I po...
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/15/17
Have you guys seen the beta addon W...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Have you guys seen the beta addon Writworthy? It really helps to decide which master writ to buy from a guild store. Guild stores, naturally, order everything by cost, but mere price of writ is not a good indicator of the cost as Writworthy has shown. What we need as well, is a way of sorting writs by vouchers rewarded and/or by t...
File: WritWorthy02/15/17
Good thinking! This is something th...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Good thinking! This is something that really adds on to the game! Thanks! Guild stores, naturally, order everything by cost, but mere price of writ is not a good indicator of the cost as this addon has shown. What we need as well - though not for this addon perhaps - is a way of sorting writs by vouchers rewarded and/or by the co...
File: Master Merchant01/02/17
Feedback, that's all.
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Just got this LUA error... user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_UI.lua:1413: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant_UI.lua:1413: in function 'MasterMerchant:addStatsItemTooltip' user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:2710: in function '(anonymous)' Game di...
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved12/27/16
Frostcaster disappeared form the mo...
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Frostcaster disappeared form the motif list Misc/Deli recipes reference list shows entries twice and is a confusing set of recipes looking for a better home. Maybe a drinks dialogue and a food dialogue and an xp dialogue... nooooo! Very confusing list though.
File: Set Tracker12/11/16
Oh No! Not again!
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Thanks for this well worked through and set out addon. One problem - it clashes with alphagear, locking the game up solid, until the armour changes and the items are tracked. Crafted items are sometimes part of crafted :eek:sets:eek:, so please keep them in! Love the way it links with Itemisation Browser.
File: Inventory Insight12/11/16
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Now that One Tamriel has put all the old great (and not so great :p) dropped sets back and keyed with character level, there is all the more need for information about which character or bank has that much wanted item. One suggestion I can make is to supply us a count of items in a certain set. Set Tracker does this, but it clash...
File: Lui Extended12/04/16
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Hey, there's actually a way you can very quickly do this on your own. This reply scores a 2 banana rating out of 5! :banana::banana::eek::eek::eek: Thanks for the tip! This will keep me sane until the update. Awesome!
File: AlphaGear Lives12/04/16
Re: Re: Saved
Posted By: Geraintmawr
... and the introduction of the costume slot.This! :D Maybe check out http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1514-Masquerade.html I love how it saves more than just costume, but it would be even better to have one click for gear, costume, hairstyle :D Thanks for this! Masquerade is awesome, but over the top for me. I always use on...
File: Lui Extended11/28/16
Posted By: Geraintmawr
I'm in the progress of working on a new release. Been a bit slow going though, very busy lately. I can wait! Joy to hear that my favourite damage and UI addon is still alive! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: AlphaGear Lives11/28/16
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Truly awesome news! Somebody has saved AlphaGear they said. Thanks does not hack it, but thanks for doing this. I cannot live without AlphaGear and CraftStore. Now they are both saved! \o/ :banana: \o/ :banana: \o/ :banana: \o/ :banana: \o/ :banana: illumination! (<
File: LibAddonMenu11/05/16
Re: Re: Constant Catchup
Posted By: Geraintmawr
I am honestly not sure how this is in any way related to LibAddonMenu. It would probably be better if you made a post in the general authoring section about this topic. The update message for addons is not from ZOS btw. It is generated by a library which is bundled in some popular addons, because many users report issues that have b...
File: LibAddonMenu11/04/16
Constant Catchup
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Why do you guys have to constantly update your addons to keep up with ZOS' moving goal posts? In the bad old days of the 1970s, when I was a young COBOL programmer, there was a central module in every suite of programs, that sat above all the others. It was the font of all knowledge and sequencing for the rest of the suite. Is...
File: Lost Treasure10/20/16
Posted By: Geraintmawr
Got a zone treasure map after the previous post. That failed to show up as well. So uninstalled lost treasure, then made sure the saved variables file was gone before the install. Works as well as it ever did again!