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File: Inventory Assistant09/28/18
Zsban, sounds like you are dead set...
Posted By: zsban
Zsban, sounds like you are dead set against allowing someone else to use your code to maintain a new version of Inventory Assistant for the future... can I ask why? It's a real let-down to think I'm going to have to go back to II at some point when IA eventually stops working. IA is fantastic, just the UI alone is much better than II...
File: Auto Category - Custom Inventory Categories05/13/18
Re: Re: Crashes
Posted By: zsban
Currently this addon crashes my game when I open the guild bank. I cannot reproduce this with any of my guilds, can you give me any more information? Anyone else able to confirm or deny this? Yes, I have similar crashes, and narrowed it down to this addon. It happens even if I temporarily turn it off with the keybinding before...