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File: The Elder Bar Reloaded06/14/21
Re: Re: 11.2.2 Bug Report
Posted By: electricfish
If the Mount visibility is disabled, this error and split bar do not happen. Additionally, whether the mount training is set to visible or not, the Gadget Visibility settings are not saving properly. Mount Timer, Bounty&Heat, Gold, Durability, Weapon Charge will re-enable themselves after both a /reloadui and logging out and logging...
File: Hyper Tools06/14/21
I made a workaround for this issue...
Posted By: electricfish
I made a workaround for this issue in version I just uploaded - 0.6a, can you tell me if it works for you? Yes, it appears to be working. The tracker stayed visible both after reloading the UI and logging in/out.
File: Hyper Tools06/13/21
Few things to double check: -when...
Posted By: electricfish
Few things to double check: -when creating the tracker and typing in ID number did you click the plus icon after typing the ID? If you didn't, go into General Tab and there you can add the ID in a similar way -in General Tab make sure 'Target' is set as 'Yourself' -in Event Tab make sure the dropdown is set to 'Get Effect Duration...
File: Hyper Tools06/12/21
Is this addon able to track long du...
Posted By: electricfish
Is this addon able to track long duration buffs like experience scrolls or food buffs? I tried to add a Crown Experience Scroll buff using id 66776 (which I got from S'rendarr and double checked with CMX) as a Progress Bar type, but it doesn't show any time or bar progress. When adding a condition to hide the buff if the time == 0,...
File: The Elder Bar Reloaded06/06/21
11.2.2 Bug Report
Posted By: electricfish
I am re-reporting a bug I am still experiencing, even after deleting my Saved Variables, completely uninstalling the previous version, and downloading a fresh copy through Minion. Avoiding anchor cycle from to On a character with no other addons or libraries active except the required files to enable the addon, I am receiving...
File: The Elder Bar Reloaded05/30/21
Bug Report for 11.1.3
Posted By: electricfish
I have 3 potential bugs to report with the 11.1.3 update. 1) Gadget Visibility settings do not appear to properly save, either when logging in to other characters or logging out of ESO completely and logging back in. Weapon Charge, Armor Durability and Bounty/Heat Timer continuously re-enable themselves as PVE or PVE&PVP. Experien...
File: Wykkyd Enhanced HUD11/05/14
can't find node
Posted By: electricfish
Enhanced HUD is throwing an error in the chat box about "can't find node." This is spammed repeatedly about every quarter of a second until the addon is disabled. This is after updating in Minion, as of 11.5. I've hit the Reset All button, thinking it was some weird settings conflict, but it didn't change anything. Any ideas o...