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File: Item Set Collection Tracker07/22/21
Re: Overall progress bar
Posted By: zelenin
Make an option to turn off overall progress bar as for me its just SMACKED right into the middle of the sets and its really bugging me https://imgur.com/a/YvEuHt3done
File: BSC-CompanionInfo Extension07/18/21
skill tracking cooldownit is not po...
Posted By: zelenin
skill tracking cooldownit is not possible at the moment
File: Mail Space07/17/21
https://i.imgur.com/DnKVsBe.png 72...
Posted By: zelenin
https://i.imgur.com/DnKVsBe.png 72 for me
File: HowToBeam07/11/21
local _, _, _, _, _, setIdBack GetI...
Posted By: zelenin
local _, _, _, _, _, setIdBack GetItemLinkSetInfo(GetItemLink(0,EQUIP_SLOT_BACKUP_MAIN)) local _, _, _, _, _, setIdFront GetItemLinkSetInfo(GetItemLink(0,EQUIP_SLOT_MAIN_HAND)) no '=' here
File: Harven's Improved Skills Window07/05/21
same user:/AddOns/HarvensImprovedS...
Posted By: zelenin
same user:/AddOns/HarvensImprovedSkillsWindow/HarvensImprovedSkillsWindow.lua:42: attempt to index a nil value |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/HarvensImprovedSkillsWindow/HarvensImprovedSkillsWindow.lua:42: in function 'HarvensImprovedSkillsWindow.AbilityOnMouseEnter'
File: The Elder Bar Reloaded06/15/21
i got this in vampire quest bad...
Posted By: zelenin
i got this in vampire quest bad argument #2 to 'string.format' (integer expected, got nil) |rstack traceback: : in function 'string.format' user:/AddOns/TEB/TEB.lua:2097: in function 'buffs' user:/AddOns/TEB/TEB.lua:2454: in function 'OnUpdate' TEBTop_Update:3: in function '(main chunk)'
File: LibUnitTracker06/03/21
Posted By: zelenin
user:/AddOns/LibUnitTracker/LibUnitTracker.lua:53: table index is nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibUnitTracker/LibUnitTracker.lua:53: in function 'addon:updateGroup' |caaaaaa self = {name = "LibUnitTracker"}, index = 1, unit = {rawName = "", classId = 0, level = 0, isPlayer = F, alliance = 0, raceId = 0, isLeader = F,...
File: Urich's Skill Point Finder Updated06/01/21
Posted By: zelenin
https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info3061-UrichsVastaryousSkillPointFinder.html this addon looks maintainable, was recently updated. Why another version of the addon? It was necessary to write to the author and only then create a new fork
File: Unknown Insight05/31/21
Re: Re: Option to remove icon from inventory.
Posted By: zelenin
Hi, great addon by the way. But I have a concern about compatibility with other inventory UI addons, specifically GridList. This addon changes inventory to a grid instead of the default list, some other addons deals well with showing the icon inside the item image. (As dressing room for example) I'm not asking for something...
File: Pithka's Dungeon and Trial Tracker05/30/21
what is the reason for using base64...
Posted By: zelenin
what is the reason for using base64? it does not solve any encoding or compression problems. only the size of the data increases, the complexity of reading the code and the performance decreases
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)05/26/21
change in Teleporter.tresureAndSurv...
Posted By: zelenin
change in Teleporter.tresureAndSurveyMaps -- Blackreach = {166036, 166037, 166038, 166039}, to -- Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns = {166036, 166037, 166038, 166039}, -- The Reach = {171474}, -- Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern = {171475},
File: The Elder Bar Reloaded05/25/21
check PTS, please. only 5 days left
Posted By: zelenin
check PTS, please. only 5 days left
File: Rewards Tracker05/24/21
Re: Please,
Posted By: zelenin
is it possible to make it work on multiple accounts? it works. Or what do you want?
File: The Elder Bar Reloaded05/19/21
when I logout get this user:/AddOn...
Posted By: zelenin
when I logout get this user:/AddOns/TEB/TEB.lua:2956: operator / is not supported for nil / number |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/TEB/TEB.lua:2956: in function 'TEB.OnUpdate' TEBTop_Update:3: in function '(main chunk)'
File: LibHistoire - Guild History04/29/21
whats your solution? i do crafting...
Posted By: zelenin
whats your solution? i do crafting writs daily on 11 chars and this is so annoying! All you need to do is press E repeatedly to request more data in all the categories that show a red bar. The dialog will no longer show up once all the missing data has been loaded. It's entirely painless and doesn't take more than a couple seconds o...
File: HarvestMap04/12/21
I see you changed the way for updat...
Posted By: zelenin
I see you changed the way for updating the data - it's ok, I like this way. But you should bundle the latest version of the data to each release, otherwise after each release the user needs to run DownloadNewData.bat because no data files in addon archive.
File: ChampionPointsSlots04/11/21
Posted By: zelenin
user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1202: attempt to index a nil value |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1202: in function 'CPS:starCheckboxClicked' user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1361: in function 'toggleFunction' EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Template...
File: ChampionPointsSlots03/16/21
Posted By: zelenin
user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1217: attempt to index a nil value |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1217: in function 'CPS:starCheckboxClicked' user:/AddOns/ChampionPointsSlots/ChampionPointsSlots.lua:1337: in function 'toggleFunction' EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Template...
File: Account Achievements02/16/21
Posted By: zelenin
user:/AddOns/QuantumsGlobalAchievements/QuantumsGlobalAchievements.lua:550: attempt to index a nil value |rstack traceback: user:/AddOns/QuantumsGlobalAchievements/QuantumsGlobalAchievements.lua:550: in function 'addon:GetCharacterNameFromId' user:/AddOns/QuantumsGlobalAchievements/Achievement.lua:542: in function 'Achievement:Ref...
File: Group & Activity Finder Extensions02/12/21
Infrastructure: pledge detection wa...
Posted By: zelenin
Infrastructure: pledge detection was starting to became a pain since pledge quest name and activity name had to be localized and then match between them. I have change the algorithm so that only the quest name is localize (Journal does not use ids...). Activity names now use a custom id. This will help supporting new dungeons and ple...
File: Perfect Weave02/10/21
Posted By: zelenin
EsoUI/Ingame/ActionBar/ActionBar.lua:10: operator < is not supported for number < nil |rstack traceback: EsoUI/Ingame/ActionBar/ActionBar.lua:10: in function 'GetRemappedActionSlotNum' EsoUI/Ingame/ActionBar/ActionBar.lua:27: in function 'ZO_ActionBar_GetButton' user:/AddOns/PerfectWeave/main.lua:187: in function 'hookFunction'...
File: GeodeOpener02/08/21
it's not works for me. Just opens l...
Posted By: zelenin
it's not works for me. Just opens loot window. That's all
File: Auto Eat, Recharge, Repair02/07/21
GetItemInfo(BAG_BACKPACK, nil) retu...
Posted By: zelenin
GetItemInfo(BAG_BACKPACK, nil) returns stack like GetItemInfo(BAG_BACKPACK, 0), so required to check in Auto:Stackify function Auto:Stackify(arr, count, index) if NonContiguousCount(arr) == 0 then return nil, 0 end if not index then index = 1 end local icon, stack, _, _, _, _, _, _ = GetItemInfo(BAG_...
File: Dressing Room for Stonethorn02/04/21
Re: only question marks instead of skill icons
Posted By: zelenin
I have an issue with dressing room where all my skills are replaced by red question marks (see screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4kKpKVq) It seems to happen whenever I ported to a friend using BeamMeUp and sometimes using the port to a friend feature directly from the guild member list. /reloadui fixes it till I port again. When I por...
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker01/31/21
it shows duration instead cooldowns...
Posted By: zelenin
it shows duration instead cooldowns for these sets https://i.imgur.com/EP6LqT0.png