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File: Hyper Tools06/07/21
Assassin's Scourge Proc
Posted By: corerupt
I'm trying to get HT to show me the Relentless Focus Proc Assassin's Scourge. I have the correct ID (61928) and the icon shows but it will not track the stack amount (stays on 0) leaving the conditions i want to use ineffective. Any help to get this working?
File: Auto Category - Revised05/08/20
FCOIS Intergration
Posted By: corerupt
My rule: traittype("intricate") or filtertype("armor", "weapons", "jewelry") or ismarked ("deconstruction") and not isset() I can't seem to get the ismarked("deconstruction") rule to work, it keeps giving me a warning with Unrecognised: deconstruction and causing the whole rule to fail. I wondered if you knew why this was or...
File: Untaunted04/27/20
First i would like to say that this...
Posted By: corerupt
First i would like to say that this mod is very helpful and dare i say essential for tanking so thank you for making it. Not sure if this is something that has been talked about before, so apologies if it has. I was wondering though if it would be possible to add a way to make the enemy markers change colour based on if the mob h...