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File: MiniMap by Fyrakin09/13/15
Posted By: mrcastle
Hi, i do still have stuttering with the minimap, but it starts only after loading into a zone, like trough doors or from place to place like rawl kha to grathwood or cyrodiil, but if i reload my ui its stops untill next loading screen.
File: Banker04/29/15
Cant transfer other than gold anymore
Posted By: mrcastle
i am getting false messages since the update, for example, i switch off armor in the settings but when i press the hotkey it tells me that a piece of armor has been transfered but it actually has not, it is still in my inventory, this happens with quite a few things, also, when my inventory is full, i press hotkey and it says i moved...
File: Banker04/11/15
Gold transfer
Posted By: mrcastle
I always get this error when pressing the "Transfer items" key-binded key. Any ideas? Yes, I've fixed it tomorrow there will be an update :D Awesome! It works perfectly, thank you very much! yeah i have usedthis since the first day and did some change to get it work when author was gone, nice to have u back. BUT, i...