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File: ESO Master Recipe List10/23/18
I love your addon, but...
Posted By: Lakashi
Yeah, you gotta do something about the constant database wipe. I understand how it can be hard when they add new things, and I didn't want to say anything cause I do love the addon. But I dread seeing it pop up in Minion now. =(
File: Assist Rapid Riding (Fixed)10/07/18
Posted By: Lakashi
Can you add an option to disable this in Battlegrounds pretty please! Thanks for your awesome addon!
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)10/02/18
Not sure if you can or are willing...
Posted By: Lakashi
Not sure if you can or are willing to do this, but maybe add a tracker for Alliance War End of Campaign Reward tiers? Just to make it easier to track which characters can still go into Cyrodiil and get tier 1 rewards for the Transmutation geode rewards at the end of the campaign. Thanks (great mod, been using it since you first pu...
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)10/02/18
When the ability to track rewards f...
Posted By: Lakashi
When the ability to track rewards for random activity was added to the addon, these functions were not available in the API. I'll have to try them. With them, the code can really become simpler and more reliable. Yeah, I was looking at the code, and thought maybe I could just pull it off for you, but there is a ton happening and i...
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)10/01/18
LFG Function
Posted By: Lakashi
I might be reading this wrong, but can't you use the following functions to get the Random and BG reward timers more accurately and more easily? I just saw them, and thought it might help. They return the time remaining in seconds. GetLFGCooldownTimeRemainingSeconds(LFG_COOLDOWN_DUNGEON_REWARD_GRANTED) GetLFGCooldownTimeRemaining...
File: Battleground Coffers & Alliance Tier & Rewards of the Worthy10/01/18
Re: Re: Reward of the Worthy
Posted By: Lakashi
I just came back to the game after a break, so I'm slowly updating my addons :) Oh cool, welcome back! Thanks a lot for the addon!
File: Battleground Coffers & Alliance Tier & Rewards of the Worthy09/30/18
Reward of the Worthy
Posted By: Lakashi
Can it track whether I have gotten my daily gold uncracked from the Reward of the Worthy box? Also, if anyone wants it, I found a way to include the new Pit Daemon, StormLord, and FireDrake outfits. In the main "BattlegroundCoffers.lua", replace line 18 with the following 4 lines: fangedWorm = { 5420, 5421, 5422, 5423, 5424...
File: Furniture Catalogue09/28/18
I have a feeling that this error ma...
Posted By: Lakashi
I have a feeling that this error may be related to ESO Master Recipe List, specifically "Enable Tracking Character". I didn't get the FurC error on the character that is tracked, on all others I did. Could have been a co-incidence, but I just wanted to mention it. Checking type on argument callback failed in ScriptEventManagerReg...
File: Bandits User Interface09/27/18
Ultimate Total
Posted By: Lakashi
Can you have it show numerically how much Ultimate you currently have above your Ultimate skill please? Or if it can, how do I do that? Thanks!
File: LibPotionBuff09/17/18
In the LibPotionBuff.txt, you have...
Posted By: Lakashi
In the LibPotionBuff.txt, you have "libs\LibPotionBuff\LibPotionBuff.lua" as the directory and the lua is actually sitting in the root. Same with the LibStub as well, there is no libs directory. Temporary fix: Make the LibPotionBuff.txt line 7 and 8 read as: LibStub\LibStub.lua LibPotionBuff.lua
File: FCO StarveStop09/17/18
Can't find library
Posted By: Lakashi
I get this error on load: user:/AddOns/FCOStarveStop/FCOStarveStop.lua:26: Cannot find a library instance of "LibPotionBuff". stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibVotansAddonList/libs/LibStub/LibStub.lua:29: in function 'LibStub:GetLibrary' self = tbl, major = "LibPotionBuff" user:/AddOns/FCOStarveStop/FCOStarve...
File: Dressing Room for Murkmire09/13/18
Posted By: Lakashi
Can it slot Poisons (or remove them when not used)? Thanks for updating it!
File: Champion Point Respec09/07/18
Update a confirm
Posted By: Lakashi
Yeah, there definitely needs to be a way to update a current config. Otherwise I love it! Thanks!
File: Furniture Catalogue08/19/18
Posted By: Lakashi
After the current update: user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatalogue/data/AchievementVendors.lua:16: } expected (to close { at line 1) near ']' I don't see a mismatch though in the code myself... edit: Found it, missing a [ at the beginning of line 16 in AchievementVendors.lua before the GetString.
File: Champion Point Respec08/17/18
FIX for Window not appearing
Posted By: Lakashi
To fix the window not appearing anymore, edit ChampionPointRespec.lua, and change line 429 from EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(ADDON_NAME, EVENT_ADD_ON_LOADED, OnAddonLoaded) to EVENT_MANAGER:RegisterForEvent(ChampionPointRespec.name, EVENT_ADD_ON_LOADED, OnAddonLoaded)
File: Champion Point Respec08/16/18
For now, if it gets stuck open, you...
Posted By: Lakashi
For now, if it gets stuck open, you can use "/script toggleCPRUI()" to hide it...
File: ToxicPlayers08/15/18
Re: Re: Addition
Posted By: Lakashi
Could you possibly add another color option to show people in your guild(s)? That would be awesome! Maybe Blue? Well, i found a way that seems correct about performances. It's not activated by default but you can now activate it through the plugin settings. So, enjoy ! Wow, you are awesome! Thanks so much!!
File: ToxicPlayers08/10/18
Posted By: Lakashi
Could you possibly add another color option to show people in your guild(s)? That would be awesome! Maybe Blue?
File: Wykkyd Toolbar07/20/18
Posted By: Lakashi
I added Tygur's JC changes, and then added Transmute Crystals (with a slider for free slots remaining that makes the text turn red, and it goes grey under 50). You can download it here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuPy5JvgZbIGkgvVpfKhRUpeH3hp. If there are any issues, please let me know. i have ESO+, and over 50 transmute crystals, so I h...
File: WritWorthy07/09/18
Small error
Posted By: Lakashi
I don't think it will ever show up, but I found a small error. Line 247 of WirtWorthy_Smithing.lua, "stalhrim shard" is misspelled as "stahlrim shard" (l and h transposed). I only noticed cause I wanted to use that mat as a temporary fix for the lack of Welkynar Motif style mats. Thanks so much for this addon!!
File: WritWorthy07/09/18
When I type slash ("/") in the chat...
Posted By: Lakashi
When I type slash ("/") in the chat, I get this nonsense popup: https://i.imgur.com/h8vQ8Wo.png Can you fix it please? No 100% sure, BUT this might be from EasyTravel. Do you have that installed?
File: Bandits User Interface05/25/18
Posted By: jgheld
I can't zoom in the minimap further than 50% in the zone (specifically testing it in Summerset). It has no effect. Am I doing something wrong?
File: MailLooter05/23/18
Re: mail tab button conflict
Posted By: jgheld
if you use AdvancedAutoLootRenewed its mail tab buttons overlap yours. setting the keybind for loot all is my current workaround I'm not sure whose at fault here so I'm reporting this to both parties http://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1020-AdvancedAutoLootRenewed.html Thanks in advance I'm seeing that behavior now, but it'...
File: Arch's Enhanced Crafting05/23/18
I had an error pop. I realize this...
Posted By: jgheld
I had an error pop. I realize this might be other addons causing it, but I wanted to post it in case it was related. It didn't happen until I re-enabled this addon. Happened when visiting a JC station and opening create tab. EDIT: Can confirm it went away with addon disabled. EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_HorizontalScrollList/ZO_Horizo...
File: No, thank you!05/22/18
For me the addon was missing from t...
Posted By: jgheld
For me the addon was missing from the settings - addon menu, due to conflict with other addons. If this happens to you, download LibAddonMenu, go into your No, Thank You addon folder in your documents, delete the old libaddonmenu folder and add the new one you just downloaded. The settings are present for me. I already had installe...