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File: AUI - Advanced UI10/08/18
Default Group Raid Frames
Posted By: JesJes
Is there any way to use AUI's party frames(4 person groups) in the TESO template while having raid frames remain TESO style as well? I like the default UI, with the added benefit of the hp overlays and whatnot that AUI gives. Though currently if I use AUI for grouping frames, it always switches raid frames to the AUI style while the...
File: ToxicIRC09/09/18
Custom Naming
Posted By: JesJes
Heya, just wanted to say that I LOVE the addon. Its something I've been looking to use for a while now. I was wondering if there was a way you could add a custom name to it? Like instead of "Jimmy John James" it will highlight "Jimmy" in addition to the full name. Or Instead of "@BobbyTheBestPersonEver" it will highlight "@Bobby". My...
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger09/09/18
Magic Message Channel Sorting?
Posted By: JesJes
Heya! I'm loving TOM. I was wondering if there was a way to have Magic Messages only monitor certain chat channels for output? Like if I only wanted to see output from /say and /yell, without seeing messages pop up from /zone and guilds?
File: In-Character - Role Play Addon06/24/18
characters with a surname
Posted By: JesJes
I'm loving your addon, its been a boon to my RP. However, I noticed there's a problem when trying to print out a character's description. The /ic command doesn't register characters with a surname. Like if I do "/ic Bob" it print out the saved description. But if I do /ic Bob Smith it gives an "unknown command: B...