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File: Banker04/24/15
For some reason everything works fi...
Posted By: Nols1000
For some reason everything works fine for me, but not the gold transfer per hotkey. it works fine at the bank with the auto transfer and also the hotkey for the items - just not the gold. The message appears, but the gold amount does not change. Any ideas?:confused: Edit: mh, not everything I see. Some items are transfered, bu...
File: Banker04/06/15
I always get this error when pressi...
Posted By: Nols1000
I always get this error when pressing the "Transfer items" key-binded key. http://i.imgur.com/NUrxpKb.png Any ideas? Yes, I've fixed it tomorrow there will be an update :D
File: Banker04/04/15
I put Banker in the AddOns folder a...
Posted By: Nols1000
I put Banker in the AddOns folder and enabled it from the character menu, but when I log in with either of my characters, I get this message: http://i.imgur.com/okMvR6T.png (screenshot) I can't make heads or tails of it, and I haven't seen anyone post here with this error. I am not sure what the LibStub and LibAddonMenu files...
File: Banker04/04/15
"Transfers already stored items to...
Posted By: Nols1000
"Transfers already stored items to your deposit box" The line directly above your mentioned line. My understanding: Add items to your deposit box and they will be increased if you have them in your inventory. The configuration of the items (like a white- or blacklist) has been removed. Thanks for the explanation. It's mea...
File: Banker12/03/14
Re: sooooo....does anybody know how to fix this??
Posted By: Nols1000
seeing as the guy who did this add-on has gone AWOL, does anybody know how to make this thing 1.05 compatible??? or recommend another good add-on that more or less the same... Error Message?
File: Banker06/28/14
Re: Patched Version
Posted By: Nols1000
I uploaded a patched version, surprise it is named BankerPatched. It updates the Itemtypes and API version which restores functionality. Hopefully Nols is still around to update at some point because I know diddly squat about LUA. Took me all week just to figure out what I needed to do. Yeah I'm that dumb. Can't live without this add...
File: Banker05/28/14
Re: version number wrong?
Posted By: Nols1000
current version is showing as 0.7b. Is this intended? I just had to fix a problem fast and forgot to change version. If you like you can fix it yourself. Just go to //Documents/elderscrollsonline//Banker/Banker.txt and change the version ^^. I'll bring a new version with my next update. Version 1.0r: * will improve the transl...
File: Banker05/10/14
maybe add option to disable the 'ke...
Posted By: Nols1000
maybe add option to disable the 'keybinding' menu that shows when banking? for those who don't want to use it :) cheers Should be very easy wil add it in the next update.
File: Banker04/29/14
So is the option to stack up everyt...
Posted By: Nols1000
So is the option to stack up everything in the bank up to 100 gone, or am I just blind? It stacks up do 100 automaticly. Probably it didn't track the item. I've no idea what cause this bug.
File: Banker04/28/14
Hey, thx for the addone, but is the...
Posted By: Nols1000
Hey, thx for the addone, but is there a way to Silence put things in bank, cause a few times i have been dropped from server, cause of spam :/ Not yet I'll add it in coming update. UPDATE: There should be a option in Developer-Settings to disable Chat output.
File: Banker04/26/14
Definitely looking forward to check...
Posted By: Nols1000
Definitely looking forward to checking this out. I was using BankStuffer, but the output is a little verbose. I was looking through your code and noticed that there were a lot of calls to table.getn. That function has been deprecated in Lua for quite some time...I'd suggest using the length operator: #t instead of table.getn(t)....
File: Banker04/25/14
settings are a bit rough right now....
Posted By: Nols1000
settings are a bit rough right now. There is an en prefacing every option for me. Also, description at the very top in settings is in Deutsche as are the tooltips. I'm a german developer and my english is not so good. A friend of mine will translate it in a few days. I hope you can use it anyway.