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File: Banker05/13/15
Does this stack to 100 or 200? I'm...
Posted By: BombaySaphire
Does this stack to 100 or 200? I'm guessing it should be the latter as it has been regularly updated.
File: Wykkyd Outfitter04/18/14
Thanks for the addon. Its become in...
Posted By: BombaySaphire
Thanks for the addon. Its become indispensable to levelling alternate weapons and skills. Glad that the destro staff issue has been found I had identified the exact symptoms but got nowhere as far as elfindreams towards finding the culprit.
File: Advanced AutoLoot04/18/14
Posted By: BombaySaphire
Registered to say great job. Sorely needed. Oh and for a request. I would like to have a maximum quality to send for weapons armour etc. I'd like to send lower quality stuff off for disassembly but check say blues and purples to see if they are better than I have. Thanks for the addon.