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File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger06/25/18
Issue with guild functions
Posted By: Akyro
First thanks for the addon! It really helps me keeping track of messages very well! Now I have this issue with TOM - Guild functions where it does not see all the guild members, only the low levels. Im not sure but at least people with a level of 139 or higher I am not able to see in the TOM guild functions. While all the guild...
File: Auto Sprint Hotkey06/14/18
Even in 2018 this works! Thanks!...
Posted By: Akyro
Even in 2018 this works! Thanks! @Griorgos Bit late, but the following code seems to work for me. #IfWinActive, ahk_class EsoClientWndClass LShift:: if GetKeyState("LShift") ; LShift is logically down. Release it. Send {Blind}{LShift Up} else ; LShift is logically up. Press it. Send {Blind}{LSh...