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File: Inventory Insight08/24/19
Hi, can share the code if you are...
Posted By: manavortex
Hi, can share the code if you are interested or do github(?) pull request! of course we do github ;) Hit us up, I'm sure AssemblerManiac will want to see what you put in.
File: DailyAutoshare08/16/19
Re: error lua blocking acces to crafting stations
Posted By: manavortex
Hey Anceane, I'm not doing crafting writs because my eso+ ran out, but I'll investigate later tonight or tomorrow. There'll be a replacement coming soon though :) Also: Whoa, 21 characters. At my top times I did 12... I was doing my daily crafting writs, when suddenly my access at the Jewelry station was blocked. As it was wo...
File: DailyAutoshare08/11/19
not sur what's happening but the ne...
Posted By: manavortex
not sur what's happening but the new version is the same one as earlier .... Textures missing and lib older Will get a big coffee, and try again, i may be doing something wrong Is it working now? :confused:
File: DailyAutoshare08/11/19
Hey, yeah, I forgot to update. :...
Posted By: manavortex
Hey, yeah, I forgot to update. :D That's why we switched to the other way of deploying dependencies, btw. :D Hello :) Just a little thing : with the last update the LibCustomTitles is reverted to 4.2 (last version is 4.3) and the folder Textures has been removed from the package. (normal or not?) Any reason ? Thank you
File: DailyAutoshare08/10/19
Re: Reset timer fix
Posted By: manavortex
Hey there, first of all, hey Polysoft, thanks for the list, sorry, I didn't get the e-mail about your post! :eek: I'll hack them up soonish. So sorry. Everyone will be pleased to hear that EK1 will eventually be taking over this AddOn, he's an active player, opposed to me. :D Can you update reset time on dailies on US ser...
File: Survey The World07/13/19
Re: ReloadUI and Prefix Issues
Posted By: manavortex
Hey, I see you've been online recently, but this hasn't been updated in almost a year. Have you abandoned this addon? Do you wish someone else to take it over? I haven't touched this because I had no idea that it's not working. At some point I tried to change the prefixes and it worked fine, I'll try to look into it some tim...
File: Furniture Catalogue07/12/19
This is such a useful addon, thank...
Posted By: manavortex
This is such a useful addon, thank you so much for creating and maintaining it! I don't know if this is possible, but is there a way to display the Item Source on the tooltip in the Crown Furniture Tab. So if you are scrolling through the Crown Furniture Tab you can see on mouseover if the item has a different source? Hey, un...
File: Furniture Catalogue06/23/19
Glad to help :) Hey again, th...
Posted By: manavortex
Glad to help :) Hey again, thanks for the fix. Looks almost perfect now, with the only item I noticed not showing up for me being 'Blueprint: Elsweyr Wardrobe, Wide Elegant Wooden'. I suppose it's missing in the database as it's just a normal Elsweyr furnishing. Hey, can you give me the recipe's item link? Right-click, l...
File: Furniture Catalogue06/22/19
Hey there, thanks for notifying m...
Posted By: manavortex
Hey there, thanks for notifying me - I've changed something about how the rumour recipes are handled. I'll remove these from the craftable list with the upcoming release today. :) Within the last few days, I've had rumor recipes showing up in my craftable: unknown list, now up to 12 of them there now. I waited a few days exp...
File: Furniture Catalogue06/09/19
Re: Missing Craftables
Posted By: manavortex
Hey, thanks for letting me know! I've fixed the bug with Rolis's stuff showing up as rumour recipes a gazillion times already, but it keeps sneaking back in... I'll reclassify them and include that in the next release. Thank you! Hey, first of all - thanks for the great addon. Really helps when collecting furnishings. :) Ho...
File: Furniture Catalogue06/04/19
Re: Re: Re: Export not working
Posted By: manavortex
I'm not seeing that in my addon list. I went to search for it in minion and it's not there as well and when I went through settings unless it's the debug output (which I enabled) I'm not seeing it there either. Hey, I just noticed why it isn't, and that one is totally on me - I overlooked the nested add ons when uploading the...
File: Furniture Catalogue06/03/19
Re: Export not working
Posted By: manavortex
I've tried all the steps listed before contacting but the /furcexport function is returning invalid command, please help! I love this addon! Hey, is the AddOn FurnitureCatalogue_Export enabled? :)
File: Furniture Catalogue05/27/19
Re: jewelry
Posted By: manavortex
Hi, is it jusz me or is the crafting table for jewelry missing? all other tables are there? Hey, do you mean the UI filter? That's entirely possible that I forgot to add that after they added the profession. The data is all there though.
File: Furniture Catalogue05/25/19
Re: File Name Discrepancy
Posted By: manavortex
Hey, I know, I was uploading manually and was too lazy to look up the proper version number. Open the zip file, check the FurnitureCatalogue.txt inside. :) Will upload a better zip today.
File: Package05/25/19
Hey haggen, I tweaked a bit: ht...
Posted By: manavortex
Hey haggen, I tweaked a bit: https://gist.github.com/manavortex/68f3bfe57937346f68a40024532a0c29 Works for me, maybe you want to check it out.
File: Furniture Catalogue05/21/19
The new upload has a bundled _MACOS...
Posted By: manavortex
The new upload has a bundled _MACOSX folder in the zip. I didn't extract it to my Addons folder along with the FurnitureCatalogue folder. Harmless filler as far as I can tell, but thought you might want to know. Yeah. Happened because I re-zipped it today in my lunch break on MACOSX so you guys wouldn't have to wait for me to get ho...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/21/19
Re: Re: Re: Elsewry Launch Error
Posted By: manavortex
I'm getting the same errors, in addition, the catalog will not open. I disabled every addon and left enabled only those libs that furniture catalog said it needed. In addition I re d/l and installed the libs to make sure they were the latest version. Yes, that's really weird, because the line you quoted references the UI as load...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/20/19
Re: Elsewry Launch Error
Posted By: manavortex
Hey there, thanks for the praise. It works for me - everything up to date on your end? Have you tried a full reinstall? (I guess you can keep the SavedVars) Good morning, great addon. Addon error as I launched into Elsewyr. user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatalogue/FurCGui.lua:21: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/14/19
Thank you for the reply! Just give...
Posted By: manavortex
Thank you for the reply! Just give a look into the comments of ItemPreview, so many ppl woud be happy about an update! We will patiently wait :) As for extract the IDs by copying them from the data files out of FurnitureCatalogue, I have no idea how to get the other values needed for the addon tho, here is the list: Hey, ok...
File: Furniture Catalogue05/13/19
It looks like you took a deep look...
Posted By: manavortex
It looks like you took a deep look into FurniturePreview for your AddOn so I wonder if you maybe coud take that addon over? Sadly It dosen't work with any new recipes since murkmire so its quite useless now. The PreviewData.lua inside \FurniturePreview\Libs\LibPreview hints that it includes an auto generated list of item IDs and fit...
File: DailyAutoshare05/04/19
Re: version on site is 3.61 NOT 3.7
Posted By: manavortex
Howdy, i checked just now with minion and the file it loads is: ## Title: DailyAutoShare ## Author: manavortex ## Version: 3.61 ## APIVersion: 100025 ## Which is exactly the same as the file downloaded from this site. Where is version 3.7 Hey, on my hard drive, waiting for all the Elsweyr dailies. :D I'll upload it t...
File: Crafting Swit04/23/19
Re: Re: Re: update
Posted By: manavortex
why is that ? why even put up an addon if you're not going to maintain it . It's clearly labeled as outdated. Several years ago when it was first uploaded, Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter wasn't a thing yet, but since it is, please use that. :)
File: DailyAutoshare04/22/19
Re: Spamaholic
Posted By: manavortex
Thanks for the addon! I'm experiencing a problem where it will continue to spam even after I disable the automatic quest share. It'll say it's "Not automatically sharing your active daily..." and yet people will still get quest shares. Hey there, Not ignored you, just waited for Easter so I could check PTS with nothing else in...
File: Crafting Swit04/21/19
Re: update
Posted By: manavortex
Not going to happen, sorry.
File: Furniture Catalogue04/02/19
It should be "## APIVersion: 100026...
Posted By: manavortex
It should be "## APIVersion: 100026" not "## APIVersion: 10026"! Then the game version will be recognized correctly Thanks for the nice add-on :):banana: Oops, thanks :D