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File: Servant10/11/21
Not refreshing
Posted By: RoE1106
The addon is failing in Cyro. If I am stunned, dead, in a siege, or sprinting it will not apply. And it does not recheck to try again.
File: Torte Tips10/11/21
Hello, Where are the settings fo...
Posted By: RoE1106
Hello, Where are the settings for this, please? Also: I've had to uninstall it because it says I have "7 mins 30 secs remaining" ~ when I haven't even taken the Torte. :confused: Addon is broken
File: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair)02/23/20
Thank you! Also, small request
Posted By: RoE1106
I really love this addon, thank you, truly thank you. I do have a small request if you would not mind? Can you please add a feature for us to deposit Empty Soul Gems & Soul Gems into the bank? This would be a huge help on writ alts.