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File: Armory Style Manager11/28/23
Recent update to fix the LUA error didn't work
Posted By: schm0
Still getting the same error as the commenter below.
File: Rare Fish Tracker08/14/23
Not checking achivements
Posted By: schm0
I completed the Vvardenfell fishing challenge, but caught some of the fish before installing the plugin. It doesn't detect the achievement at all, and still shows that I need to catch some fish. Any ideas how to fix this?
File: HarvestMap-Data08/05/23
On Windows the script works fine. H...
Posted By: schm0
On Windows the script works fine. However, when I try to help out by collecting "Unknown Nodes" and upload them to the server, they simply do not appear to stick. When I go back to the resources I uploaded, they still show as an "Unknown Node". It appears whatever is meant to be merged on the server isn't actually happening, even tho...