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File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/29/23
Re: Re: Terminal load screen
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I don't see anyone else reporting this, but I'm going to give it a shot: when I try to port between Northern and Southern Elsweyr for the event, I get the loading screen that never goes away. Happens on 3 different devices, different wi-fi SSIDs and hard wired... Doesn't matter if I use Beam Me Up, use one wayshrine to another, tried...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/16/23
Re: Re: Re: Re: current zone
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I guess thinking about it more. Instead of adding ptf houses to #16 tab. Sorting ptf tab houses so houses in currently displayed map zone are on top and maybe different color. Would work very well too. Howdie again, I had a look at the code and I think above quoted wouldnt be too hard to implement. in function BMU.create...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/16/23
And another feature suggestion. An...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
And another feature suggestion. An option to put the zone for the active quest (somewhere) on top of the list. That is already in the quest tab - the active quests gets on top and colored like a favorite. Since some quests like to make problems with the zone we do not want to add this in the main window. But most of the time its w...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/15/23
Re: current zone
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Howdie, useful features for current zone: it would be really great if BMU would remember "current zone" being selected between opening and closing (with m for map in my case). The current zone (first entry in the list if you are using this feature) is always the one your character stands in currently. The tab displayed zon...
File: Personal Assistant + Companions01/14/23
Hi someone can share the modified f...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Hi someone can share the modified files for High Isle ? I tried by myself but the key shortcut are not working :rolleyes: Thanx. Update : Finally updated files with success but shortcut keybinds are not recorded when closing game. -------------------------------------- install Votans Keybinder you might just have to many ke...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/13/23
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Feature request
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I understand what you mean. Basically you want the old list with the travel for gold overland-zones down below the normal overland-zones with players or houses you can travel to. If you have a favorite in your list without any players, would you still want that to be listed on top with the favorites or with the gold travel options d...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)01/11/23
Re: Re: Re: Feature request
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
And another suggestion or something I am missing: An option to put zones with no players to port to AFTER "populated" zones? Im not sure what you mean. Why you should travel for gold if you can do the same for free?! With default addon settings you will see the zone entry either with free fast travel option (player) or (if there i...
File: HomeStationMarker01/03/23
The sets "Macht der verlorenen Legi...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
The sets "Macht der verlorenen Legion" and "Kralle des Waldgespensts" in german client both mark the "Kralle des Waldgespensts" tables but none of them do mark "Macht der Verlorenen Legion". Here are the Data-strings from LibSets if that helps: = {wayshrines={379,379,379,}, traitsNeeded=4, dlcId=DLC_MURKMIRE , zoneIds={726,7...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)12/31/22
Is it possible to add the mention o...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Is it possible to add the mention of the zone to delves/PDs tooltips? (Use case, endeavors to kill delve/PD bosses in X zone) Would make sense, until its implemented just click on the zone name and it will switch the map to the zone anyway.
File: Lost Treasure12/20/22
Missing from map: Western Skyrim...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Missing from map: Western Skyrim Alchemy Survey Deshaan Clothier Survey Glenumbra Clothier Survey Grahtwood Clothier Survey High Isle Clothier Survey I'm starting to think your addon only works for Chests, as so far tonight zero Survey markings appear on my Maps. Update: I see all Survey locations if I toggle the "All...
File: Shissu's Guild Tools11/20/22
For those having the problem that y...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
For those having the problem that you can not change the settings: open your ShissuFramework/settings/checkbox.lua change checkbox:SetDrawLayer(DL_FOREGROUND) to checkbox:SetDrawLayer(2) in line 21 open ShissuFramework/settings/combobox.lua change control.add:SetDrawLayer(DL_FOREGROUND) to control.add:SetDrawLayer(...
File: CookeryWiz11/20/22
I did manage to make the Inventory...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I did manage to make the Inventory Icon Mouseover Work again: Open CookeryWiz.lua Search for: (this should be starting at line 3964) icon:SetAnchor(LEFT, rowControl, RIGHT, offset, 0) --icon:SetAnchor(LEFT, rowControl, LEFT, 0, 0) icon:SetDrawLevel(100) icon:SetHidden(false) Add the following line: icon:SetDrawLay...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/19/22
Re: Re: Fantastic addon.
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
But is it possible to roll it back to first version, i.e. unlocking all wayshrines where guild members near without jumping to every single this shrines? The wayshrine unlocking of the previous addon versions (below v3.0.0) no longer work. Since the game update 7.3.5 (Ascending Tide), the game prevents the unlocking of wayshrines wi...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/18/22
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
https://i.ibb.co/5n0S6w5/IMG-1459.jpg Did you only try to unlock Reaper's March in that case or has this been by any change the last one of a few that had undiscovered wayshrines but players in that area when you did start the process?
File: Lost Treasure10/30/22
Re: LibDebugLogger
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I have updated Lost Treasure, but because the LibDebugLogger is out of date, Lost Treasure doesn't work. Is there a work-around I can use? I find the maps for surveys are so vague and appreciate this addon that makes it easy to find them! Thank you so much for your work on this! Lost Treasure is still running for me. Just ignore...
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition10/28/22
Re: Can we have copy profile feature?
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
This is life saver, the one addon that can neutralize craft bag. However it's too hard to config slightly different profile for my 13 chars without copy profile feature Can you help us? I agree that this would be useful but i can not promise you anything right now. I will ask @DeadSoon if he is able to add this feature for me. M...
File: Shissu Guild Tools Markarth Patch V1.5.010/22/22
Re: Shissus
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I think Shissu came back and started to support the original version again. I'm not sure what the current state is, but therefore this version here might not be supported anymore. Are you thinking about updating the current Shissus Guild Tools, since it seems he is not active again for quite some time... Its really annoying that...
File: Event Tracker10/20/22
Also having the problem with the au...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Also having the problem with the automatic whistle. Play on german client - if this is an information you will need to fix the problem.
File: Crown Crate Tracker10/16/22
Great to see the addon is not dead...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Great to see the addon is not dead right now. Take your time and see you when you have the time to maintain it again.
File: LibTreasure10/14/22
Can you please put Serpentguard Rid...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Can you please put Serpentguard Rider Clue line 214 in a for next update ? I thought there was a problem with my addon :) Done thx for pointing out.
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)10/10/22
Re: Setting for Zone map
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Is it possible that when you change the zone map that BeamMeUp auto changes to that zone? I cannot find a setting that does this? No thats not possible right now and it would be rather annoying then useful i suppose... You would have to find a sweet spot to delay this teleport so it does not happen everytime you navigate t...
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition10/06/22
Re: Re: Re: Alliance Points
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I think i found the problem. If the keep currency is 0 there wont be moved any. However if you want to move all AP from the bank to your inventory the most easy way is to switch "Don't keep any Alliance Points" to on and also "Keep in Bank instead of Bag" to on and don't touch the "Keep Currency" slider and the "Fill up To slider" at...
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition10/03/22
Re: Alliance Points
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Hello! Love the addon and it has worked flawlessly for 99% of my needs. One function does not appear to be working for me however: it will not automatically withdraw Alliance Points; it will however automatically deposit them and handles other currencies as expected. I am unsure why it won't withdraw AP, as I'm using the same sett...
File: LibTreasure09/24/22
Looking for locations from Wisphear...
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
Looking for locations from Wispheart Totem Clue (ID 191157) and Vestments of the Druid King Clue (191158), please post here if you have it.
File: Bank Manager Revived - Slim Edition09/13/22
Re: Setting minimum amounts
Posted By: Gamer1986PAN
I see you can set to retain X amount of coin (by auto withdraw or deposit); I think the same would be great for Soul Gems (charged) and perhaps repair kits. It would be nice, but its handled very different and i am not able to make changes like that due to lack of knowledge, sorry.