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File: ExoYs ProcSet Timer04/27/21
Major Slayer set tracking
Posted By: JesJes
Loving the addon for tracking proc sets. Is it possible to add major slayer proc sets to the list of tracked sets? Like Tooth of Lokkestiiz, Master Architect, War Machine, etc.
File: Slash Assistant06/06/19
New Alfiq Assistant Summoning
Posted By: JesJes
I'm not an addon developer or anything but I wanted this to work with the new assistants. If anyone wants to summon the new alfiq bankers you have to edit the "SLA.lua" file in the live\addons\SLAs folder. Just swap out the default banker ID of (267) for (6376) And the default merchant ID of (301) for (6378) Though if you wa...
File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time - Legacy05/25/19
Fake Lore Date/Time
Posted By: JesJes
As an RPer, I'm loving the addon. Is there any way to make the IRL time translate to fake lore time as well? eg. If its Friday the 13th of October IRL time then it would show as Fredas the 13th of Frostfall? I can't seem to get a way for it to show the IRL days in Elderscrolls time.
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger05/06/19
Re: Re: TOM Autoclose
Posted By: JesJes
Is there a way to keep TOM from auto closing in combat? Servus JesJes, not really. There is an undocumented setting, but it is not tested and so it may have unexpected side effects. If you want to take a look at your own risk, open the file tom.lua within your C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\T...
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger04/29/19
TOM Autoclose
Posted By: JesJes
Is there a way to keep TOM from auto closing in combat?
File: Slightly Improvedô Unit Frames03/02/19
Addon Update?
Posted By: JesJes
I've been using this addon for a while, even though its out of date. Any chance the addon could be updated for the new content? =)
File: ChatMentions - DEPRECATED02/06/19
Re: Re: libGarfield warning
Posted By: JesJes
So, its weird. I found the original culprit addon that was causing the error with 1.3. Old outdated thing, and the error message went away when I uninstalled the bad addon. But then it came back with 1.4. Even when all other addons are disabled. I'm at a loss. It still works even with the error, so I don't mind it so much. But I stil...
File: ChatMentions - DEPRECATED02/04/19
libGarfield warning
Posted By: JesJes
Oddly enough I didn't get the warning message until the recent 1.2 update, and I still got it with 1.3. But now I get this error: "Prov's libGarfield: WARNING : `` is outdated! Ask the author to use a chat library like `libChat3`." I'm not entirely sure what is causing it. It functions normal even with the error, I just get t...
File: Style and Elegance ( Outfit, Idle Animation, Title, Mount, Etc. Loadouts )12/12/18
UI Overlap
Posted By: JesJes
Love the addon so far! Makes it a lot easier to save sets. Though I noticed that the UI is overlapping when I use it. The rename, title, and random button are one on top of each other. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394568673815166977/522577012464812032/unknown.png
File: Fast Ride10/26/18
Time to refresh Bug
Posted By: JesJes
One bug I noticed, is that it will keep track of each individual refresh time. I'm bad at describing it, so I'll describe it step by step below: 1) Mount and use rapids (with refresh set to 5 seconds before). 2) Unmount before refresh period. 3) Mount again and use rapids. 4) Unmount before refresh period. 5) Remount. From...
File: AUI - Advanced UI10/08/18
Default Group Raid Frames
Posted By: JesJes
Is there any way to use AUI's party frames(4 person groups) in the TESO template while having raid frames remain TESO style as well? I like the default UI, with the added benefit of the hp overlays and whatnot that AUI gives. Though currently if I use AUI for grouping frames, it always switches raid frames to the AUI style while the...
File: ToxicIRC09/09/18
Custom Naming
Posted By: JesJes
Heya, just wanted to say that I LOVE the addon. Its something I've been looking to use for a while now. I was wondering if there was a way you could add a custom name to it? Like instead of "Jimmy John James" it will highlight "Jimmy" in addition to the full name. Or Instead of "@BobbyTheBestPersonEver" it will highlight "@Bobby". My...
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger09/09/18
Magic Message Channel Sorting?
Posted By: JesJes
Heya! I'm loving TOM. I was wondering if there was a way to have Magic Messages only monitor certain chat channels for output? Like if I only wanted to see output from /say and /yell, without seeing messages pop up from /zone and guilds?
File: In-Character - Role Play Addon06/24/18
characters with a surname
Posted By: JesJes
I'm loving your addon, its been a boon to my RP. However, I noticed there's a problem when trying to print out a character's description. The /ic command doesn't register characters with a surname. Like if I do "/ic Bob" it print out the saved description. But if I do /ic Bob Smith it gives an "unknown command: B...