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File: HarvestMap12/05/19
Re: No map info in Southern Elsweyr
Posted By: Ravensilver
ok after running the DownloadNewData, the problem was "fixed" for a few days. Then the pins and data all disappeared again yesterday. I guess I have to run it again to see if that helps? Same here. Was ok for a few days after running the DownloadNewData and today, everything's gone again. Did the DND again... everything was back...
File: HarvestMap11/24/19
Only in Southern Elsweyr
Posted By: Ravensilver
Harvest Map worked for a few days this week and then, yesterday, after I logged in, it suddenly didn't work anymore. But *only* in Southern Elsweyr. When I log in, the map is totally empty. It often doesn't show me the nodes, not even as white 'tools' markers. And even if I harvest a node and the marker is set (on the map), after I s...
File: HarvestMap11/15/19
Everytime I log out of ESO, and lat...
Posted By: Ravensilver
Everytime I log out of ESO, and later back in, all the pins are gone from the South Elsweyr map. And I do mean *all*. And I've explored pretty much every corner of SE, harvesting every node and opening every chest that came my way. Every time I come back to the game, it's all gone. ;__; I've updated via Minion, but nothing's chan...