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File: HarvestMap02/09/20
problem running .command file
Posted By: suebrick
I just updated to 3.13.15b Now when I run DownloadNewData.command I get a message saying that I do not have appropriate access privileges to execute the file. I followed the suggestion and checked Get Info for the file, and in Sharing & Permissions I can Read & Write. Is there anywhere else that I should be looking for access p...
File: HarvestMap11/26/19
Re: Only in Southern Elsweyr
Posted By: suebrick
Harvest Map worked for a few days this week and then, yesterday, after I logged in, it suddenly didn't work anymore. But *only* in Southern Elsweyr. When I log in, the map is totally empty. It often doesn't show me the nodes, not even as white 'tools' markers. And even if I harvest a node and the marker is set (on the map), after I s...
File: HarvestMap08/20/19
'Installed incorrectly' updated
Posted By: suebrick
I have only just returned to the game after a 2 year break and seem to be having trouble getting HarvestMap to function properly. I run ESO on an iMac with Mojave. The add-on seems to create new pins as I harvest, but then does not save them (my .lua files are empty of data). I tried to run the DownloadNewData.command as instr...
File: Destinations06/11/17
@Ayantir I am happy that you updat...
Posted By: suebrick
@Ayantir I am happy that you update many addons. Dont let others force you to make it quick....if you do, you do, I can wait :D Keep up your great work :D I second this: it is a great add-on and I appreciate all the work you do! :)
File: SpentSkillPoints05/25/17
Re: Morrowind Fix
Posted By: suebrick
Thank you very much for the quick Morrowind Fix :) Not related to the update: I was wondering if the Skyshard Info "(0/3), (1/3), (2/3)" is still available somewhere. It is not showing for me for quite some time. That is an option of the Skyshards addon I believe.