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File: NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting)03/06/20
Add "No Accidental Talking?"
Posted By: gabbo1928
Would there be any way to expand this addon to prevent talking to tag-along quest NPCs when talking to them is not required for the current quest objective? I'm tired of spamming my E key to loot all the things, and ending up in a dialog with a quest companion who wandered too close.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter09/16/19
Feature Suggestion: Saved Sets
Posted By: gabbo1928
Would it be feasible to add a way to save a group of queued items as a set to recall later? I craft gear for guild mates quite regularly, and it would be nice to be able to queue up "lvl 26 magicka training set" with a couple of clicks instead of manually queuing each piece. Love your addons, BTW. They are indispensable for craf...
File: Urich's Skill Point Finder02/14/19
Show unused skill points?
Posted By: gabbo1928
Would it be possible to add a spot to show how many unused skill points each character has? By that, I mean skill points a character has earned but has not spent yet. I'll often pick which character to play based on which has the least free skill points remaining. It would be nice to see that in this addon's interface instead of ha...
File: Leo's Altholic12/11/18
Another color issue
Posted By: gabbo1928
I also just noticed that the Assault and Support PvP skill lines do not turn green when they reach the max level of 10. They're still blue for me.
File: Leo's Altholic12/06/18
Some skill progression colors incorrect
Posted By: gabbo1928
First of all, love the addon. I wish I'd discovered it long ago. I wanted to point out something that looks like an error on the skill progress tracking pages. The color coding progression appears to be red for little-to-no progress, blue for in-progress, yellow when you're getting close to max, and green when you've achieved ma...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter03/16/18
Feature Suggestion: HUD Bar
Posted By: gabbo1928
Would it be possible to add an optional, repositionable HUD element that appears only when writ quests are active, and show which are complete and incomplete? Specifically, it would be nice to accept the writ quests from the board and see right away if the Alchemy and Provisioning quests are complete (due to leftovers) without havin...
File: Advanced Filters - Recipe Filters01/03/18
Is it possible to add an option to...
Posted By: gabbo1928
Is it possible to add an option to show only unknown recipes/designs? I have hundreds in the bank, and it's a PITA to look at the tooltip on each to find the couple that a character doesn't know yet.