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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter07/27/19
Re: Re: Crafting Too Many Glyphs
Posted By: LasagnaSurfer
This bug is fixed in the new version of LibLazyCrafting. I have the updated library but still getting double gifts. Thoughts?
File: PerfectPixel04/08/19
Re: Bug
Posted By: LasagnaSurfer
Heya! Love the mod, really appreciate your work. I've sadly found a couple of really annoying bugs in relation to crafting: 1. When using your mod alongside Multicraft, the Multicraft controls only show up the first time you open a crafting window. On subsequent opens they disappear entirely. 2. When crafting for Provisioning...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold04/08/19
I've never had such an issue and as...
Posted By: LasagnaSurfer
I've never had such an issue and as far as I can recall, CS doesn't contain any code that could even possibly interact with it. I am having this exact same issue on the exact same two bars. Cooking and Enchanting Inspiration Experience bars in the top left corner disappear. After a lot of experimenting I have figured out that...