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File: Essential Housing Tools01/10/22
Suboptimal pod order
Posted By: Ek1
Heya, the crafting tables arrangement in pods could be improved. I have myself used slightly better clusters in my house for quite some time but it starts to be chore to update it. Could you either update the podcluster according to the drawing or make a separate option for it? The two right formations use the same space / have th...
File: Calamath's Quest Tracker01/06/22
Add-on's name includes authors name
Posted By: Ek1
The author of the add-on is already mentioned in the specific field reserved for the author but if you like redundancy then why not go full Calamath Quest Calamath Tracker Calamath as a add-on name?
File: Essential Housing Tools01/01/22
Group select : not bound
Posted By: Ek1
Says i don't have it bound but there is no such label in the controls.
File: Eventor03/29/21
Re: Crashing
Posted By: Ek1
Crashes the game every time I loot a Dremora Plunder Skull when enabled, no crashes with it disabled :( Oh sorry for late response. Should be fixed umm ages ago :-D
File: Port to Friend's House02/20/21
Customenu and this wont play nicely together.
Posted By: Ek1
Something goes boom. Load (Control): Error: Unable to create control . This control already exists. Either set override="true" to override properties on the existing control or choose a name that is not a duplicate of an existing control.
File: Group & Activity Finder Extensions02/20/21
Its quite confusing to use quest ma...
Posted By: Ek1
Its quite confusing to use quest marker as dungeon completion and some sort of key for quest completion. I suggest quest marker for quest and simple x/x for bosses killed. Also, option to increase the icon size would be nice.
File: Thank You For Your Service02/12/21
@TIME results to some mumble jumble...
Posted By: Ek1
@TIME results to some mumble jumble instead of international 24h formatted time.
File: Wealth Evaluator01/19/21
Something ain't right
Posted By: Ek1
user:/AddOns/LibPrice/LibPrice_Internal.lua:381: operator .. is not supported for string .. nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/LibPrice/LibPrice_Internal.lua:381: in function 'LibPrice.From_FurC_PVP' |caaaaaa item_link = "|H0:item:119983:5:1:0:0:0:0:0:...", recipe_array = {itemName = "Imperial Banner", itemLink = "|H1:item:...
File: AutoInvite - Updated12/10/20
boom, error
Posted By: Ek1
user:/AddOns/AutoInvite/AutoInvite.lua:89: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AutoInvite/AutoInvite.lua:89: in function '(anonymous)' |caaaaaa _ = 131195, unitTag = "group1", connectStatus = F, unitName = "Notkearotta" |r
File: Circonians TextureIt04/13/20
black background
Posted By: Ek1
Hey could we get complete black backdrop also? I am trying to get couple ingame icons that I could use with transparent background (by making the black background it).
File: rChat03/17/20
So how is this different from pChat...
Posted By: Ek1
So how is this different from pChat except the saved messages? New librarays?
File: LibAddonMenu03/12/20
If the game ends without logout or...
Posted By: Ek1
If the game ends without logout or exit screen, every add-on using this library forgets all its settings instead of using the settings that existed pre-crash.
File: Bandits User Interface01/13/20
So this is a new thing |c4B8BFEBan...
Posted By: Ek1
So this is a new thing |c4B8BFEBandits|cFEFEFE User Interface|r v:4.280 bad argument #1 to 'string.gsub' (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: : in function 'string.gsub' user:/AddOns/BanditsUserInterface/BUI_OnScreen.lua:1623: in function 'OnCombatEvent' _ = 131104, result = 2020, _ = F, abilityName = "Sellistri...
File: AlphaGear 2 (Builds, Gear, Skills, Banking)01/11/20
Hey ho and happy new year, I ask...
Posted By: Ek1
Hey ho and happy new year, I asked some time ago that could the guild tabard be added to the AG. It is after all a item that needs to be weared and takes inventory slots. Seems like only way to get it done is to use additional add-on? Could you consider at least adding tabards to the items gear strip?
File: Essential Housing Tools11/24/19
Align grid with entrance facing/object
Posted By: Ek1
Could a feature be added that would allow the grid to be aligned according to entrance with one button instead of tedious hand aligning. PS. I am quite sure i added this request before but I can't find it anymore. Deleted?
File: CraftStore Deadlands11/01/19
Something just exploded. user:/Add...
Posted By: Ek1
Something just exploded. user:/AddOns/CraftStoreFixedAndImproved/CraftStore.lua:507: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CraftStoreFixedAndImproved/CraftStore.lua:507: in function 'CS.UpdatePanelIcon' |caaaaaa craft = 1, line = 1, trait = 1, traitname = "Powered", known = T, store = {}, now = 157261...
File: Essential Housing Tools10/20/19
Any idea why craft station building...
Posted By: Ek1
Any idea why craft station building starts nicely and then suddenly shoots out to http://prntscr.com/pluniq Selection is clean, build is reseted. Testing done with 1x4 and 2x4 sets.
File: Essential Housing Tools10/19/19
Swap grid alignment
Posted By: Ek1
'Press å to swap the grid between NSWE, character and entrance aligned' I want to align stuff according to the entrance and where it faces. If such feature already exists, I still haven't found it.
File: SCQ - Share contributable quests09/27/19
I like the addon for automatic dail...
Posted By: Ek1
I like the addon for automatic daily sharing. Does it's job well. Nice to hear it, had some serious arm wrestling to get it working as intended. On/off toggle for automatic sharing when party member is in range.It is supposed to do it only then. Toggling it off is possible via disabling the add-on but most likely I need to add easi...
File: Combat Metrics08/29/19
Re: Re: Tracking how much damage was shielded
Posted By: Ek1
When you look at incoming damage you should see the breakdown of normal, critical, blocked and shielded damage you received. When looking at the damage you caused you will see those shields appearing in the list of the damaging abilities, as the API will return those isntead of the ability you cast. I haven't looked at this part o...
File: Combat Metrics08/25/19
Tracking how much damage was shielded
Posted By: Ek1
As combat metrics is more or less the golden standard in, well, combat metrics I was genuinely surprised that it offers no tools on keeping track how much damage was prevented by shields or wasted on shields. After damage shield mechanics rework this have got some real weight.
File: WritWorthy08/24/19
Does not take account if you have style mats or not
Posted By: Ek1
Would be nice if it would.
File: TOM - Tamriel Online Messenger08/24/19
Missing keywords
Posted By: Ek1
Wanted, selling, offering, trading.
File: ODT08/22/19
Nii mitähän tää tekee?
Posted By: Ek1
Nii mitähän tää tekee?
File: Postmaster Mail08/20/19
More information would be appreciated
Posted By: Ek1
https://i.imgur.com/imalDQN.png Would it be possible to get a option to get the output more informative? Like: PM: from The add-on is awesome and does otherwise all the things I want but list of stuff and numbers leaves me hungry.