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File: LibDebugLogger03/04/20
Switching to the latest proton fixe...
Posted By: Aevernia
Switching to the latest proton fixed it. I honestly didn't expect a reply at all, so thank you for getting back to me!
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools03/02/20
Filter outliers
Posted By: Aevernia
A lot of items have a bunch of sales for, say, 8 gold and then one or two crazy high sales for 1000 gold. This messes up the profit score. It does show up on the graph, but it'd be nice to have an option to ignore the top X percent of data for the graph and score.
File: LibDebugLogger03/01/20
Posted By: Aevernia
I'm getting the same error as that other person eight months ago and there doesn't seem to be a LibDebugLogger.lua file in SavedVariables. Please email me to follow up since I won't notice a reply on ESOUI. I would be happy to perform tests/gather information/generally act as your bug repro. Email: mossygreenrock (gmail) (c...