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File: libChat208/22/15
registerAppendTextBeforeAll currently not working
Posted By: Pyranea
You need to add this in "libChatMessageChannelReceiver": if funcTextBeforeAll then TextBeforeAll = funcTextBeforeAll(channelID, from, text, isCustomerService) end
File: Guild Chat06/18/15
I did some "debugging" and noticed,...
Posted By: Pyranea
I did some "debugging" and noticed, that the function "GUILD_ROSTER_MANAGER:SetGuildId(guildId)" is the real cause of the lags, but i can't imagine a workaround for this.
File: Guild Chat06/06/15
I guess the old LibGuildInfo is tot...
Posted By: Pyranea
I guess the old LibGuildInfo is totally buggy :rolleyes: Your guess seems right, i just removed the Event-Bindings at the end of LibGuildInfo.lua (except the first one). This solved the lag/freeze problem for me. Doing this might cause, that the data is not actual, as its not updated wen player levels change or join/leave guild...