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File: Destinations10/04/19
Are you still updating Maiq in new areas?
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elsweyr_base={{.572,.261,68}}, elsweyr_base={{.611,.592,56}},
File: FCO ItemSaver08/12/19
Re: Re: FCO Itemsaver settings gone walkabout
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Hi, please logout, then go to the SavedVariables folder and send me the file /live/SavedVariables/FCOItemSaver.lua Send it to my e-mail address please: [email protected] And specify in this email: -What sever you were palying on as the error happened (EU I think?) -What @account was used as the error message happened -Wh...
File: FCO ItemSaver07/21/19
FCO Itemsaver settings gone walkabout
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The settings screen is almost blank. Only a single line at the top with your feeback/donate etc links is there. I had the problem on both EU and NA, but i played around with unselecting/reselecting various addons on NA and got it to work. I can't seem to duplicate my 'fix' on EU to get the options back on that server. On game loa...
File: NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting)05/28/19
Not working after update (elsweyer)...
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Not working after update (elsweyer). I`m sad. :( Same here, but I'm glad it's not just me. I tried every combination of loot settings i could find, but i cannot steal anymore...How can i get the new furniture plans if i can't steal? Edit: I disabled the addon and still can't steal, so I don't know what the problem is.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter06/29/18
Fantastic addon, doing writs have n...
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Fantastic addon, doing writs have never before been such comfortable an experience. I have a question though: why does it withdraw materials from bank automatically? Materials in bank for me is automatically used when at a crafting station... so why withdraw it? Someone please explain it to me, it's probably me that oversees somethin...
File: Lost Treasure05/26/18
Hasn't anyone found those darned Su...
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Hasn't anyone found those darned Summerset CE Treasure maps yet?!? :( :D I'll look today, no guarantees.
File: Lost Treasure05/24/18
Bankorai (not numbered) 46.74 x 69.38
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Bankorai (not numbered) 46.74 x 69.38
File: MultiCraft05/23/18
Re: Summerset
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Hello, at the jeweler crafting station no +/- option is shown - is there any possibility to add this function? I second that request.
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin05/23/18
Re: This fixed me for Summerset
Posted By: yoderc
In order to fix the errors I've seen for Summerset, you need to open up MiniMap.lua and replace the 4 instances of QUEST_TRACKER with FOCUSED_QUEST_TRACKER. Save the file then restart the game or use /reloadui. This ESO API change log has the information I used to figure it out: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/...
File: TraitBuddy05/16/18
Expanding and collapsing motifs is...
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Expanding and collapsing motifs is working as it should now I will release the fix with the next version :banana:
File: TraitBuddy04/20/18
Re: Re: Motif chapters non-collapsible
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Hi! Since you fixed the scroll issue on the Motif list screen, after expanding a motif that has chapters, I can no longer re-collapse it. Can you fix it so they are re-collapsible? Thanks! And thanks for a great addon that I couldn't imagine playing the game without! I will see what I can do. It does now work like lis...
File: FCO ItemSaver02/23/18
Ty ty ty for the backup/restore function!
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I've always had two reactions to this addon: 1. I love this addon and I'm so glad you are keeping it updated :banana:. 2. I hate this addon and dreaded seeing minion update it. :mad: I'm another who would have to spend a couple days or more resetting marks on my items most game updates. Thanks to your addition for the backup/re...
File: Merlin the Enchanter10/08/17
After dropping eso+, no longer pulls from the crafting storage
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I love your addon, thank you! I recently dropped eso+. When it happened, Merlin showed zero for all rune counts, so it no longer sees the hundreds of runes i have in crafting storage. I have to retrieve them from storage and have them in inventory or bank before they appear. Can you change this please?
File: AwesomeGuildStore09/10/17
Re: Scroll To Top
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AGS is really powerful and such a useful tool. Thank you for making it! Is there a setting I'm missing to prevent being scrolled to the top after every purchase? Sometimes I'm halfway down the page and I find a few deals in a row I'd like to quickly buy, but then after a purchase it puts me at the top and I have to try to find whe...
File: Death List08/26/17
I immediately latched on to this addon :D
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I just started the Dark Brotherhood quests and immediately saw the usefulness of this addon. It should work well to mark easy Thieves Guild targests, too. Thank you! I would love for you to include edits to the deathlist as opposed to clearing it. I might change my mind about a single 'mark' but not want to lose them all....
File: AI Research Grid08/20/17
Re: Error After Update
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After today's update, I am receiving an error every time I log in, open a chest, transition in/out of a building, etc. user:/AddOns/AIResearchGrid/AIResearchGrid/lua:318: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AIResearchGrid/AIResearchGrid/lua:318: in function 'PopulateTraitDataForCraft' user:/AddOns/AIResea...